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  1. General Talk
    Not really impressed with the show, but took lots of pictures anyway. Favourite car was the scuderia spider.
  2. Canada
    Hey guys here i go again: So as u can see from my name i work for autotrader and this year the autoshow is sponsored by us...So im trying to get a shit load of tickets for us BUT not to promising due to the RECESSION they think we should pay this year to help the "ECONOMY".. But no biggie its...
  3. Site News & Feedback
    is it possible to put a international thread section?? like that regional thingy?? probably put like the asia,north america etc etc..
  4. Events
    ok everyone, its official, im heading to NOPI this year, in St. Louis with Matt(alpha5), anyone else who wants to go post up here, and ill update it, post if ur going for sure 1. Adam(greeen01civic4d) 2. Matt(alpha5) 3. yournamehere
1-4 of 4 Results