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  1. Introduce Yourself
    hey yall. im new to the forums. hope yall can provide assistance. right now im looking into getting a steering wheel from the 06 civic just the basic with only cruise control. i want to go from the crappy worn down 03 wheel to the nice looking 06. has anyone done this? what do yall think i...
  2. Electrical
    Hello friends, So I got some plug and play LED's for my 05 EX SE because I cant stand incandescent lighting. Anyways, I have noticed that they flicker while the car is running. In ACC they illuminate strong and solid. As soon as I crank up, they flicker. Battery tested fine two different times...
  3. Members Rides
    So i put my seats in a few weeks ago, figured I'd show you all what they look like, also threw in a mugen shift knob. Here ya go, let me know what you think! and heres one of me!
  4. General Talk
    Anyone know anything about removing interior pieces? More specifically the ones on the sides? I am talking down on the floor, starting where the latch is for the hood, to the fuel pump door/trunk lid opening is, then back. The first two pieces (basically from the dash to driver seat) was popped...
  5. Electrical
    I am putting in some blue LED lights on the inside of my 01 lx under the dash. I am trying to wire them to the interior light fuse so when I open the doors they will come on automatically. I saw that the interior light fuse is in the fuse box under the hood and is a 7.5 AMP fuse. The fuse looks...
  6. Members Rides
    my dashboard check out my bov
  7. General Talk
    hey guys, i was looking around and i see that alot of ye seem to be ripping out ur lovely leather seats for type r suede 1s, thats fine and i love the type r seats but im broke and even if i had money i prob couldnt find type r seats!! wat im asking is does any1 wana part with a nice em2...
  8. Interior
    This is a pretty simple DIY to add a more defined look to our civic's interior. Its also a nice custom alternative route instead of paying $80+ for the trim peices at the stealership. ***I have only completed the A/C vents, but will update painting the center/stereo trim on the weekend. I will...
  9. General Talk
    .... Ok so I have the ENTIRE INTERIOR of my car in my bedroom (except the dashboard, but including center radio counsoule and air vent).... I want to get rid of ALL THE GREY, plus touch up what I had painted red previously...... my question is "What do you guys think should go red, and what...
  10. Electrical
    today i put in a new radio and left the car sittin all day got in tonight and it took it a few turns for it to satrt then smoke came froom up under my dash now my gauhes lights are out whats going on???????????
  11. General Talk
    I have a silver and black top,roof and trunk, and trying to decide what color should I put the interior. Any suggestions? thanks
  12. Members Rides
    So the stereo shop is now a Gemico Dealer... They thought it would be cool if I did the full Premiom Carbon Fiber kit on the ES2. I did not refuse. So here are the pics. This is real carbon fiber with an automotive clear.
  13. Electrical
    any ideas on how I would wire up these interior LEDs? and would it be possible to hook it up using my cig lighter and not my battery.
  14. General Talk
    What's up everyone! I thinking I am finally going to get me some leathers. I have been looking at a few sites, and I found one that looks sick! I'm gonna get the black leather, with the headrests, door inserts, and the console cover. Who here has leather - can we see some pics and the...
  15. Members Rides
    Picked up a new shift boot from Its black faux alcantara with beige stitching. And I ordered it an inch shorter than stock. It looks "fluffy" in the pics, buts its better in person. :tup: for redline goods. Awesome customer service and fast shipping. I highly recommend them.
  16. Members Rides
    DC2-R Shift Boot Skunk 2 Shift Knob EP3 Steering Wheel EP3 Bucket Seats Apexi EL1 Tachometer An old pic of my last interior setup when it was all black with RSX-S leather seats.
  17. Electrical
    i want to change my interior lights to red ones, where can u buy some? 2003 lx
  18. Members Rides
    I got this in a few weeks ago from new shift boot and matching armrest in faux-Alacantara black with silver stitching. I also got a RSX knob and silver trim from H-and-A and put in my pedals from strutking. before im done with the inside of the car i want some Cloth RSX...
  19. Interior
    Some buddies and I worked on this all day yesterday and it turned out GREAT!!! Key to doing this project your PREP work! Enjoy! ****** Here are some befor shots: ****** ****** Then I gutted the car: ****** ****** Cleaning the panels I used a fine grit brillo pad and a product...
  20. General Talk
    What do you guys think? I know the EL is a rebadged Civic, so, do you think I could manage to fit in both the front and rear seats in my 2003 Civic Coupe? Has anyone done this before? How much, if any, modifcation would I have to do to either the car or the seats. All help is welcome.
1-20 of 27 Results