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  1. Basic Performance
    Okay, im a total noob at this kind of stuff. I wanted to get a cold air intake.. uhm not for the performance, but because I like how they sound. (dunno if that sounds stupid lol). I was looking on ebay and some of the intakes cost about 40-50 bucks. I also looked at other ones (AEM, K&N etc.)...
  2. Basic Performance
    it got closed... this can be deleted after i get an answer... but just settle it.. only need one freaking answer not a fight in my thread. Does 3 inch piping really matter? if so, link me to a cheap intake on ebay that will work with my 03 auto lx coupe... BTW im getting my magnaflow exhaust...
  3. Basic Performance which one? I mean i bet they all are the same and i know i need to get a new air filter for it.. but which one of those should i get?
  4. General Talk
    Hi! I am looking for a cai that doesnt make too much noise! Is there anything like that out there for our cars? I like more of a smooth dark tone rather to a "raspy" sound
  5. General Talk
    Hi Guy's, I'm new to Honda's.This is my secound car. I have an 01 Civic Dx 4dr. I want to get more power out of it. Not a race car. But I want to be able to get on the highway easier. This is what i'm looking at so far. Intake; K&N, Typhoon #69-1008TB or Aircharger #63-3513. Exhaust; Magnaflow...
1-5 of 5 Results