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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Female driven. 2001 Honda Civic coupe EX. Rallye Red EM2 Bought in 10/10 condition inside and 9/10 outside. Stages of Ruby's Life: Goodies added: OEM spoiler Black housing halo projectors w/5k hids(then taken off) tokico blue struts eibach sportline springs...
  2. Swap and Forced Induction
    i dont know if im missing something or if i need a spacer, but there is not enough room for the throttle body to function right with that manifold the way it is. i know that not very many people have this manifold but if you know anything please let me know. thanks.
  3. Canada For Sale/ Trade
  4. Basic Performance
    Got a Quick question, yes I did research but did not find anything: I have a 05 ES1 (LX Sedan). - Thinking of getting an K&N Filter for my stock intake, I need to know if there will be any sound changes like having an aftermarket intake of AEM/Injen etc... - And K&N states it's reusable...
  5. Basic Performance
    hey are short rams including the filter and piping supposed to vibrate / shake a bit when the car is idle?
  6. Members Rides
    Figured i would try something different.. I know it probably wont do anything but oh well i did it anyways..
  7. For Sale/Trade
    I don't have my car anymore so need to get rid of some stuff laying around.. certi-fit front bumper no paint no primer just bare plastic $30obo: AEM short ram painted red (did it to match my car, wish I didn't) $80obo: this is what it looked like before the paint OEM shocks and springs...
  8. General Talk
    well i got the injen SR new back a year ago and i havnt cleaned my filter. do you guys know of any D.I.Y for cleaning oil filters? i know its basically remove intake, spray down with cleaning solution, wait, hose it down from inside out, then apply oil. but a D.I.Y would help. AND are the K&N...
  9. Basic Performance
    First of all I have already checked the forums for the answer but I couldnt find it. I am looking for a intake for my 04 civic lx, i know i have lots of options. The CAI gives the best performance boost but the filter is hard to get to to clean. The SRI gives ok performance but my friend has...
  10. Swap and Forced Induction
    i know with minimal fab the d16y8 i.m. can fit our boosted EM2s. Now... will the same "theory" apply to their aftermarket counterparts such as...
  11. Basic Performance
    hey guys me and sp4t4n are tryin to install an injen cai on his 05 civic ex. it is made for an 01-02 civic. should there be a problem? does anyone have this in that they can help us out with? It doesnt look like it is gonna fit. any pics of install? Thanks guys:tup:
  12. Members Rides
    just installed my intake took about 30 minutes... k&n fipk2 supplied by djmota
  13. General Talk
    I want to buy an Injen CAI for my 2005 EM2. I am not crazy engine smart, all I know is your basic things. But does anyone have any instructions on how to install this intake on my civic?
  14. General Talk
    .... so I have the Aem V2, and a Meggan Strut Bar... for some people that bar clears the intake, for others (like me)it does not.... anyways.... to make my upper strut bar clear, can I just cut about 1 to 2 inches from the intake (the end that attaches to the throttle body) so it can sit at a...
  15. General Talk
    The braket the holds my AEM V2 intake broke off my intake so there is a hole, and no where to hold my intake on to.... zip ties is whats doing the job, plus a piston compressor which is wrapped around the intake to cover up the hole... i dont like this, and I want to make it nicer, since it...
  16. Basic Performance
    I was just browsing through ebay and i found this...
  17. Basic Performance
    bought an ebay CAI with an intention of adding an AEM/K&N Filter to it... BUT I'm having issues with installation. (did search the forum before posting) a) The damn second pipe isn't fitting in. b) There is no rubber grommet for the heat sensor on the intake pipe. how are you guys making this...
  18. Basic Performance
    would the d16z6 intake manifold fit the d17 lump, or would it be usefull to strip to parts and make an intake manifold from it???
  19. Basic Performance
    I have been searching and searching but I cannot find a DIY with the Secret Weapon-R intake, i have found some SRI DIYs but they only tell me how to remove my stock air box, i already know how to do that...the box came with instructions but no pictures only words, if anybody could help me find...
1-19 of 60 Results