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  1. Site News & Feedback
    I keep seeing quite a few modded 7th gens around and i was curious how to reach out to them about the site. I was thinking of some small flyers? 1/4 of a 8.5x11 paper so you can have 4 copys on it. Just something that has the site logo, picture, small info and web url or something like that...
  2. General Talk
    This is why Goodyear Wranglers are not suitable for extremely damp off road mudding! I love this thing but if I'm going to make off roading a hobby, I'll have to invest in some better tires, and maybe a winch setup of my own.
  3. Mechanical Problems
    im getting a metal squeak from inside my trunk. I think it may be the latch. when i put the seats down it gets louder, but the sound is only audible when driving. It's not my suspension, so if its not the trunk latch im thinking its something with the seats. anyone encountered this?
  4. Members Rides
    was driving home from work and saw an empty road. drove to check it out and found out to be a nice spot to take some shots. the only thing i dont like is that i mounted the truck rack to high so the bike looks angled. well enjoy.... P.S. my bike rack is NOT for looks. i...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    so far my 2009 year has been awesome how has yours been?
  6. Off Topic Lounge that is fucking crazyness.
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Ok, In UAE apparently they do a little different. My friend was telling me about A Vehichle called a Patrol And it is apparently THE VEHICLE to do up down thur so I stumbled on some crazy builds... MAD Water to air intercooler anyone?
  8. Members Rides
    Well $460, to be exact Rears are in by weeks end, fronts probably Sunday :tup:
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I have to ask this because alot of people in here are working in the IT field. so if you have 3000 employees (including all shifts), how much workforce (employees) would u hire to provide a help desk service? i'm talking about how many help desk employees on each shift, including tier 1, 2, 3...
  10. General Talk
    I'm thinking of replacing my drivers seat with something a little more upscale. I might do the passenger at the same time if I can find a set for cheap (under $500, used of course). Got a few questions. Car is a 2003 Civic SI (Canadian SI, US DX?, EX?) Car does have SRS and ABS. Here goes...
  11. Member Builds
    I guess it's time to start one of these since i'm moving on with my K20 swap. This will be a slow build as parts will be bought when funds become available. Parts needed: -K20A2 Complete Changeover (Received: 03/30/09) -EP3/DC5 Subframe (Received: 12/26/08) -Hasport Mounts (Received: 04/06/09)...
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    I'd post this on Civic Forums but this is just a far better forum so I won't even waste time. Time has come to build my brothers a car (before they want to drive mine). Ideally, I'd like to swap in a D17 with A/T into an older Civic chassis. Anything from 1989 - 1998. What kinda' parts am I...
  13. General Talk
    Finally picked up a lip for my car. HID's were installed a few weeks ago. Great kit, happy with the results of both. Taken with a shitty, really shitty camera in equally shitty locations. Picked up the lip from Pope this afternoon and couldn't wait to install it...
  14. Members Rides
    Update September 16, BBK are on, check pics: It's tight, but they clear! With nationals coming up in a few weeks, I decided it was time to go ahead and do a full wire tuck. I've made alot of progress but this is some seriously tedious shit. If you aren't EXTREMELY GOOD with wiring, I...
  15. Members Rides
    yes, it needs to be repainted, its going on my black em2, rest is going on my es1 BOH ftw!!! and some energy suspension components, with a DIY to come for the lower control arm bushings ill be doing some of the installs this weekend, so ill do the diy then hopefully
  16. Off Topic Lounge
  17. Members Rides
    Sorry guys, i am uploading the pics now but heres the link for now!.
1-18 of 19 Results