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  1. Members Rides
    First off this thread is not for flaming. I know there are many of you that don't like me personally, but this thread is for my car not me. glossary: recieved rs lip pg. 6ish not sure recieved esmm inserts pg 9 recieved volks pg 11 volks mounted pg 14 Good pics of volks azunex took pg 16 rear...
  2. Members Rides
    So I started this project today. Only finished one side and im going to finish the other side tomorrow. So here a picture of the door panel out, the arm rest piece apart. That as far as you can get off from the arm rest. On this picture I also had pulled off the stock gray insert. So once I...
  3. Basic Performance
    anyone running just the fronts? hows the vibration?
  4. General Talk
    Anyone know where I can get spare blank switch inserts that go in the console by the 12v outlet and/or by the cruise button? Like the cover that goes where an accessory switch would go. I want to see if I can get them so I can drill them out and get the switch fitted prior to tearing apart my...
  5. General Talk
    just curious cause i put mine in today and wow they are rougher than i realized they would be. any body else feel like the car is falling apart at idle?
  6. Interior
    Okay first off, all your going to need is a box cutter, a butter knife, and a yard of suede cloth ( I got mine for 10 dollars at Joanns Fabrics cuz their having a 50% off thing.) First you take you door and lie it down, and take your suede as well. Next take your suede and lay it on the...
  7. Basic Performance
    my stock front mount finally gave out at 103k miles and i didn't feel like buying new mounts, so...i purchased a set of the esmm inserts for $30. i gotta say, i'm impressed. the install was a bitch, but once it's in it's just awesome! anyhow, the hardest part during the install was trying to get...
  8. Suspension
    Just got these in tonight. Fully adjustable struts. Got them for just above $600. the directions are just pics of what to do but from what i gathered, its not too bad. Take out the stock inserts and put these in. I'll take pics and possibly a DIY when I am done.
1-9 of 11 Results