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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey all, I'm new here. Looks like a nice site. I've been reading and lurking a little bit. Just picked up an 03 Si bone stock with 68000 miles. 33 mpg on my first tank and fun to drive! :tup: (my other vehicle is a 99 Tacoma V6 (gas hog.)) Just wanted to say hi and ask if RSX leather seats...
  2. Mid West
    no pics at the time but here are a list of few things I'm selling Evotion lowering springs - 1.5 drop (60 bucks obo) Progress lowering springs - 1.75 [paint comming off] (50 bucks obo) Stock springs (50 bucks obo) Stock 04-05 grille [no "H" emblem] (20 bucks obo) Radio Bezel [it was painted...
  3. General Talk
    yea, thats right, we dont have to work to fish, they come right to us, thats how cool we are here in illinois
  4. Mid West
    so when are we planning on having a meet in illinois ? i know that yesterday i saw a couple of em2's pulling in sound performance ( supra shop ) but i wasnt sure what was going on.
  5. General Talk
    okay i just got a whole exhaust installed yesterday. its from the header and back, no cat, no resonator so its really loud. does anyone in illinois know what the fine is and what the consequeneses are ? i know almost everything changed since the beginning of january 1st... im kind of scared to...
  6. Mid West
    is anyone on here from southern illinois?? im from Marion
  7. Members Rides
    Its late im bored.. Tell me what you hate tell me what you like. Tell me what would look good in the future im open. auto ftl but k20swap in a year ftw
  8. Mid West
    yeahhhhhh!!! soon to have 2 boosted hot civics 8)
1-8 of 8 Results