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  1. Events 2009 SCHEDULE SO FAR (subject to change) 1) January 18 - Houston, TX - Houston Raceway Park (5th annual) 2) January 25 - Gainesville, FL - Gainesville Raceway 3) February 8 - Tucson, AZ - Southwestern International Raceway (2nd annual) 4) February 22 - Palm Beach...
  2. Events
    Drove out to La laaate Saturday night(8 or so hour drive), got there early Sunday and met up with Suzy and her friends for Import Face-Off. Was pretty good, better than Houston and San Antonio IFO. Anyway, well worth the drive, Suzy and her friends were cool and clean cars. Put different rims on...
  3. South
    So whos going???I know some of you guys are. I want to know who I can meet and greet with.Should be a blast.
1-3 of 3 Results