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  1. Mechanical Problems
    So the problem, hopefully separate, is that I am having a rough idle and my car is overheating slowly at idle. I drive a 2004 Civic EX Coupe. Rough Idle On a cold start my car is idling at about 2000 and after it heats up and is put into drive it idles between 1000-1500. Now a few months back...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Have a stock Auto '04 EX, 135k Car generally runs great. However, when the car is idling, it is slightly rough. There is a rhythmic purring and slight vibration through out the car. Also when i shut the ignition off, the engine stays on for a maybe 1.5 seconds and quickly putters out. it does...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    UPDATED JUNE 14, 2011 Okay so I took some time last night to figure out the problem again. Turns out the IAC valve was still messed. I discovered this by covering the small hole inside the TB. As soon as I did this, the idle went down and stabalized. I took the TB, IAC valve and IAC sensor off...
  4. General Talk
    so ive noticed my car shakes like a wet dog when it idles.. i think it is set too low.. mine idles around 700 rpms... but when i hit the gas and let it sit around 1000 it seems to do fine.. the shaking goes away... what does ur car idle at? -love always the boobies
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    Hey guys. I checked threw other threads and didn't really find anything to help me. My car has been idling funny. I have the FIC installed and tuned to 7.5 psi. Everything was fine until the last couple of days. It will sit at a red light at the RPM's will stay around 1200 and my a/f is at like...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Problem: When shifting in neutral for a coast, the idle drops to 500, then back up to 1500 where it stays until I come to a stop. No rough idle, occasionally it goes up to 700 at a full stop. I disconnected the battery once already for idle relearn. Recent changes: Water pump Timing...
  7. Mechanical Problems
    mine got wet as i hydrolooked it when sucking in a mass of water, now i have the new engine in the idle is very rough when cold so thinking that it was my idle motor valve got wet i took it out to dry over night what are the possibilities of it working once dryed out???? or am i gunna need a new...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    I have a 2001 Civic EX. I have 43000 miles on the engine and religiously did proper maintenence on the engine. I noticed in the past 6000 miles that the engine has a steady rough idle at normal operating temp at normal idle (around 700 RPM). It's worse when the A/C is turned on. I changed the...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I removed by throttle body to clean it. I replaced and did the idle relearn and everything was peachy. No problems. Soon after I was driving and my CEL came on. Shortly after my cars idle began acting strange. The car drives normal, but when I put it in neutral, it drops down to normal...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    when the car is idle my rpms usually drop to like 600, and theres a rattiling sound. is that normal or not, if not what do you think the problem is?
  11. Mechanical Problems
    When I start my car up in the morning, or any time I start it, it has a weird idle well its not really the idle, because the rpm guage doesnt move... it almost feels like its missing like it lopes a lil just a coulpe time when you first start it... it just started doing it here recently any...
  12. Mechanical Problems
    k this is kinda hard to explain whenever im driving and i approach a red light or w/e i just need to stop 99.99% of the time i dont have this problem but the .01% this happens. so im completely stopped at the red light or where ever and my idle is fine for a few seconds then it strugles to...
  13. Mechanical Problems
    during idle the rpms drop and the car shutters badly, any suggestions?
  14. Mechanical Problems
    just installed a obx missing link know car idles like $hit plus they have this little bleed off hole in the side and its creating a big ass vac leak is it suppose to do this or maybe its a defective part anyone else have this installed on their car
  15. Mechanical Problems
    when im driving at night and im at a stop light, everything dims and my heater gets lower, and when i start to drive it goes back to normal until im at idle again, does anyone know what this is and how to fix it ?
  16. Mechanical Problems
    OK today I decided to clean my IACV and TB as I seen done on (by Steve!). After cleaning and reinstall, I reseted the ECU. Started the car...The idle stayed at 1100-1200 RPM! I drove a little bit... my CEL lighted up and the car started to feel strange (safe mode?). Since I don't...
  17. Mechanical Problems
    hello Ive noticed lately that when I first start my car it idles perfectly. like around 900-1000. but after awhile it starts to idle very low like around 200. & sence I have motor mount inserts when it idles low it vibrates alot! do you guys know what it could be?
1-17 of 19 Results