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  1. Dont know where to post?
    does anybody know the dimensions of the hybrid spoiler like the height and the angle that it is at? I'm trying to make my own and I can guess from pictures but I can't find anything on how big it actually is. many thanks
  2. Canada
    Sup fellas.. I have a brand new never used Civic Hybrid Folding mirror, this is from the Civic Hybrid but will work with all Sedans. In Taffeta white. $200 CDN. Mirrors are powered... not power folding, but they are powered. and I dont think there is a heating option.
  3. General Talk
    Hey guys, just out of curiosity.. anyone know if the hybrid civic trunk is the exact same as the civic sedan trunk?
  4. General Talk
    I Know you 4Dr people been loving these......found one on ebay for $150 shipped and painted...
  5. Members Rides
    does anyone know if the centre console with an armrest, will fit into a dx model?
  6. Members Rides
    What front lip will fit on the 01-03 civic if your using a Hybrid Front bumper? Will the OEM lip still fit?
  7. Electrical
    Do you have problems with the tach not being correct because it's not full sweep like the stock ones?
  8. General Talk
    hey, ive done a lot of lurking and notice lots of ep3 and rsx parts fit and even the 99-00 lip on 04-05. but ive never seen a thread that was pretty legit and covered lots of parts so here ya go. so i want to start a list of what parts from other cars work with ours. please be specific on year...
  9. General Talk
    just saw this on digg: It's not a bad idea. If you want to push the technology forward, competitive racing is a good place to do it
  10. General Talk
    has any one tried rocking the 04-05 hybrid spoiler lip on their coupe, because i was realy looking at the spoiler and i thought about it and it seems that it would look nice... LMK, if you have picture or know of anyone with it or if you guys think it'll look stupid
  11. Members Rides
    Will a 2003 hybrid front bumper fit my 2001 coup? It's got alot of small rock chips and such and i figured i might as well get a new bumper since i'm going to have to get it repainted
  12. Members Rides
    Do you think the 8thgen hybrid spoiler could fit a 7thgen sedan?
  13. General Talk
    i have searched but couldnt find anything, but does anyone know from experience if the hybrid mirrors fit the 01 coupe? i've seen people put them on the sedans, but not the coupe. thanks for the help
1-14 of 14 Results