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  1. South
    Edit: this is why i dont fuckin make threads....for some reason i put 7th gen houston and forgot to put tilted kilt bad :rofl: Guess everyone liked the idea of getting together again asap, chillin and havin some fun Everyone seemed to like Bone Daddys from the Dallas meet so guess...
  2. South
    Okay So I bought a new Camera this weekend and tested it out today in many different modes. Let me know what yall think of the picture quality? Click on Pix for Full Size! Randy: :rofl:
  3. South
    copied from another forum for those that didnt attend last year, heres a picture thread from another site
  4. South
    This where all the carshows/meets in and around the Houston Area for 09 will be posted.:tup: May 05/1-3 - Gator Drag - Conroe, TX - ( 05/2-3 - Texas Heat Wave - San Antonio, TX - Freeman Coliseum 05/23 - Mean Streets - Austin, TX - Travis County Expo Center June...
  5. South
    :dunno: Just wondering if anything was goin on in Houston this weekend cuz Im off till Tuesday and figure I'd go down there cuz ain't been in a long time and dont have any plans. So does anyone have any kinda of Houston meets happining this weekend? I thought I heard some1 say something a bout...
  6. South
    Sup all...... I would like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy some basketball and bbq. This event will be going down on Saturday, May 2, 2009 promptly @ 4p.m. until we get thrown out ha ha ha.. This event will be going on @ Cody's house. We will not be leaving Cody's house dirty, so please...
  7. South
    Heres the pics from 7th gen houstons fun on the board walk day, got to kemah and couldnt find a photoshoot place so went down to the galveston seawall to do one welcomed our newest member to the family today, tim aka slowwhitecivic :tup: anyone else that took pics post em up! send me a PM if...
  8. South
    Sup everyone, 7thGen Houston would like to invite everyone to Fun on the Boardwalk. 7thGen Houston will be rolling out to the Kemah Boardwalk on Sunday, April 5th. We will be meeting @ the Starbucks on Westheimer and Post Oak by Jamba Juice, we will meet their at 11:00 a.m., then, we will...
  9. For Sale/Trade
    Price $300 obo Selling rims, tires or both Rims only Size 17" Up for sale. These rims have been sitting in my storage for about 8 months and thought Ide minus well sell them. Title states it all, I do have some curbage on two of the rims. I can email you pics if need be. Rashes are not to...
  10. South
    OK 7thgen Houston are going to be attending IMPORT REACTOR-APRIL 10TH in the Woodlands, and H.I.N. APRIL 11TH in Austin. just wanted to get a roll call of all crew members and potential members that are interested in going.we wont be showing,we'll only be attending...
  11. South
    Thanks to everyone who came out. Sorry pics are shitty but I had no battery so I was taking quick shots.
  12. Introduce Yourself
    Hey peeps, its me once again lol. My account got lost so im here again introducing myself to the ones that didnt get a chance to see my ride. Sorry wont post pics of my Pilot since last time it sorta got off subject ;) Name - Jessie Location - Humble TX Ride - 02 Civic LX
  13. Members Rides
    Wassup everyone, all 7 of us got together Sunday for the 1st time and chilled for the day and I did a photo shoot of the crew as we stand now. So here we go, this is how 7th gen is reppin in Houston!
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Wud up!!! Didnt know about this forum... Hope its great!! Depotcivic: 7thgen Houston Crew
  15. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, guys, my mane is Vicky I live in South East Houston, really close to nasa. i got referred to this site from HI by glassJAw. hope to make some friends
  16. Introduce Yourself
    the name is will. i've always wanted to meet other em2er and glad i found this website!!:dance: i drive a 01 ex, im currently trying to black out the whole car. if you got any suggestion after i post pics let me know!!!:wave:
  17. South
    Wassup 7thGen community, my name is Giant, myself and a group of guys are starting a 7thGen Houston crew. Anyone is welcome. We are currently seeking members in the local Houston area. The point of creating this CREW, is to put ALL 7thGen Honda's on the map. Whether you drive an EM2, ES1, or Si...
  18. South
    im looking for a good honda shop in the houston area i already know about hp and inline performance but are there anymore
  19. South
    The Import Face-off in San Antonio got canceled because of poor weather conditions, so this one is bound to be big. Its this Sunday, January 18th and I am making the trip to Houston with a few friends to attend. I am not going to show( I haven't fixed the little hit and run ding on my car yet)...
  20. South
    we need to get some of the houston area 7thgens. together and have a meet if interested lets do this
1-20 of 28 Results