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  1. Electrical
    So I decided that I would put my fogs and BOH in today since it was such a nice day, but I had a problem getting the housings of the fog lights to fit. Anyone ever have this problem? if so how did you fix it? On the bright side though I did get my BOH in with some new 10K Hid's from...
  2. Electrical
    alright everyone, here's the deal. i had an FX retrofit done. now before any of you rag on me for not doing it myself, i'll explain. i would have, but between classes, work, wedding stuff, and holidays, i figured it may never get done. so i bought the kit and had lightwerkz in clifton, nj do the...
  3. Electrical
    Was fooling around with google and stumbled upon these. any one ever seen them before]
  4. General Talk
    I cannot find these anywhere and they are not on ebay anymore. Anybody selling any or want to trade for OEM or BOH for mine. Anyone know where to get them anymore? These are mine if anyone wants to trade or buy them.
  5. Members Rides
    Does anyone know where I can buy a set of the Black housing headlights besides ebay. Im a little scared of the quality of those ebay ones. I have seen the do it yourself option but i dont know if I want to risk screwing it up. Is it easy to screw up or does it go pretty smoothly for those of you...
1-5 of 6 Results