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  1. Electrical
    So i'm upgrading my horn and i want the hella horn supertone kit. I searched around for em2's with them on but I didn't really find anything useful. Does anyone know if the horns fit behind the grill like they do on an sti or other car? or does anyone have a vid clip of them on their em2? thanks...
  2. Electrical
    im sick and tired of and embarrassed by the stock civic horn. any of you guys have aftermarket horns? if yes - what kind? pls include links
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Hey Guys, I am seriously hating our stock civic horns, sounds like a bitch! I want something deep, not like an air horn. I hate the air horn types. I kinda like the Acura TL ones, they are loud and deep.....any opinions!
  4. Electrical
    Mods feel free to move this thread to another section if you think it doesn't belong. I wana' upgrade my cars horn. I really wana' get peoples attention when I honk at them and as you all know, a stock Civic horn does anything but that. I have a pretty good understanding of electrical...
  5. Videos & Other Media We need this. Old video, but still good.
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Ive checked the fuse, the relay and what not and its still not working when i push on it.. however when i use my remote lock it honks... Ive been tracing wires and what not, and its just not working.. then on a side note, every once and a while my blinkers don't turn on, so i have to un-click...
1-6 of 6 Results