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  2. Introduce Yourself
    hey yall. im new to the forums. hope yall can provide assistance. right now im looking into getting a steering wheel from the 06 civic just the basic with only cruise control. i want to go from the crappy worn down 03 wheel to the nice looking 06. has anyone done this? what do yall think i...
  3. Members Rides
    How can I stop my spring binding on my TEIN BASIS Coilovers? Greasing only goes for so long. I even put the silencer rubber on each spring (2 on each) from TEIN. I heard about thrust bearings, would it work? NEED HELP.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi there! I'm new here, my name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil. I own a 2005 Es2, got some projects in mind for it next year, such as turbo, mugen rr spoiler and some other stuff. Hope you guys like my car! :D
  5. Dont know where to post?
    This is my first thread or whatever its called, yes im a girl but i really want my car to have an appealing look and its really hard when you have a car that barely has another car to get parts from. So i have a 2003 honda civic hatchback (eu3) well here in australia its a vi, basically its a 5...
  6. Members Rides,6001.html Need some help. Posting here for a quicker response. Heard these are good to put on my TEIN Basis Coilovers to help with the binding/clunking issue. It comes with the Bearing and 2 washers for each Coil. My...
  7. Mechanical Problems
    Okay folks, need some Cluster help. It's been like this since I've owned the car. Issues are that the Needles are just slightly off where they're SUPPOSED to be. When my speedometer shows I'm traveling 60mph, I'm actually going around 54mph. As for as the Cluster test, this will show you how...
  8. Members Rides
    I'm wanting to keep the speedo on point as possible and also a good lasting meaty tire which is why I'm choosing a 205/50. Now with lowering, how low am I safe too go so I don't rub but also get rid of some wheel gap? Rolling fenders or running weird camber is out of the question. Thanks!
  9. Members Rides
    To whomever has Side Markers on their Civics, do you all have them work with the parking lights at night or just with the turn signals? (Pictures would be awesome too) ;-) (I have the Wire Harness hooked up with them from PasswordJDM) To get them to work for BOTH, I need to do RED WIRE from...
  10. Members Rides
    I'm going to get these sides for my 01 EM2. Now, I'm wanting to get some OEM Splash Guards also. The Honda Part sites say the front Guards don't work with Side spoilers, well I'm thinking they just mean like HFP Kit because it's OEM. Do you think it's possible to put some front Splash Guards on...
  11. n/a

    Delete Thread. Found Answer!
  12. Members Rides
  13. Members Rides
    Weird question I know, but my gauges have been off (aligned way off) since I've owned the car. So I NEVER exactly know when I'm actually almost empty because when it hits the Empty line, it's not actually empty yet. I was wondering for my 13 gallon tank, does anyone know exactly how many miles...
  14. Suspension
    Hey everyone. Couple of my buddies have kinda given me some advice already but I want to ask the Honda world for some help. I'm looking to lowering my car but I do NOT want to go extreme. I live in Florida where it rains a lot and floods some times. I do not want to be super low and all that...
  15. Introduce Yourself
    im 18 years old and just bought my very first car,my buddy has a 99 civic coupe and i was really intrested in buying one. So i looked all over to find my self a 2002 honda civic sedan. Ive been talking to my buddy about making it more peppy, generally faster, and maybe an engine swap. I have got...
  16. Introduce Yourself
    hi guys i am a new member from east PA, my name is taylor and i am 18. i have a 2005 honda civic ex that i have been working on. i look forward to talking with you guys and meeting alot og new people!! Thanks!
  17. General Talk
    Alright so I want sides for my 05 coupe but like always, I find a huge variation of answers and I can't figure which ones are true. I know there's hfp sides, aero sides, and I just found about the 04-05 acura el 1.7 sides. which do you guys think looks best? If anyone has pictures of each or any...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all! I am new to the 7th Gen Honda, and I got interested in contributing after I sheared my valve cover bolts off in my cylinder head! I think it is fixed now, but you can see the picture below. Forgive me, but this is my first time participating in a forum. My car is an 03 Honda Civic...
  19. Dont know where to post?
    Hello everyone, I'm very new in this site, and here is my first post. Well, I do have OEM keyless entry's Receiver and Remote, but no harness, which Honda discontinued the part and not making them no more. my Honda part # 08E60-S5D-100 for 02 Civic LX, (With no harness) I heard that we can...
  20. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone... I came across this site while I was looking for instructions and videos for my efforts to connect an aux output to the stock radio of my 2003 Civic LX (still working on it). I bought it in 12/2008 when I was living in Albuquerque and it had 73K miles on it. After a year I had to...
1-20 of 116 Results