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  1. General Talk
    Took this motor out of an 04 Civic 4Dr LX today at work. This dumb customer went about 40k miles without changing his oil. Haha. Now he had to pay a bundle to fix haha.
  2. General Talk
    i remember i saw a car on here with them were can i get them in RR thanks in advance
  3. General Talk
    Hey everyone, Im trying to figure out what size bolt and thread pitch that will fit in the following holes circled in green. I tried M8X1.25, but it seems to stop after threading it in a bit. Pic was taken from civicforums.
  4. General Talk
    The braket the holds my AEM V2 intake broke off my intake so there is a hole, and no where to hold my intake on to.... zip ties is whats doing the job, plus a piston compressor which is wrapped around the intake to cover up the hole... i dont like this, and I want to make it nicer, since it...
1-4 of 4 Results