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  1. Events
    Alright this is kinda last minute but anyways. I'll be there with a couple of friends just thought i'd let you guys who live around PA know in case you wanted to go heres the flyer more info at
  2. South
    ok before i post pics, im not all that good with taking pics so bare with me, its a new camera and havent a chance to really used it right.:ricer:wasnt a very great showing bc of the rain and it being entirely outside,also its easter weekend:coffee:
  3. South
    April 11,2009 Its goin to be crazy, is anyone goin to it? Ill take some pics n post them when i get back!
  4. West
    Dodger Stadium 1000 Elysian Park Ave Los Angeles , CA 90012 whos all going? Hot Import Nights future dates in cali : San Mateo-Saturday April 4th, 2009 Pleasanton-Saturday July 18th, 2009
  5. West
    HIN Kickoff Feb. 22 Children Hunger Fund
  6. South
    Anyone going? Been to the last 2 shows..ill be going to this one hopefully if i get the day off..
  7. West
    Whose going to Socal Pomona's Hot import nights night shift this sat.
  8. Events
    HERE'S THE LINK My bad's the link
  9. Mid Atlantic
    yeap, u read it right, they are actually having HIN event in MD. Event : Hot Import Nights - Night Shift Date : June 14th, 2008 Time : 4pm-11pm Address : FedEx Field 1600 Fedex Way Landover, MD 20785 Tickets : Can't buy 'em yet i be there showing once again with my team you know you...
  10. Mid Atlantic
    Anyone plan on going to this event? Its April 19th in Chantilly, VA at the Dulles Expo Center. Its about a 3 hr drive for me and i will be going with a couple of guys on my team. Just trying to find out if anyone else is attending the event. More information is here...
  11. South
    So apparently, Hot Import Nights will be in Austin on April 12th. My birthday is the 15th, so thats gonna officially be my birthday weekend. I will be showing if I can get out of the rota game. Its like 48 dollars to register with the...
  12. Events
    i'll be leaving after work tomorrow to head up, stay the night, then go to the show on saturday......good place to meet some fellow em's/es's. so who all is coming along?
  13. Members Rides
    Trying to see if anyone is going to HIN Chicago, i'm registered for the show and was going to see who all is going, or if you wanted to meet up.
  14. Mid West
    might be a little early, but since noone could go/went to Nopi detroit i thought about planning for HIN on the 11th. i went last year, it was a good time. show/drifting/cobalt ss challenge last year, not too sure what's this year..... so who's going??
  15. Events
    Ever see a model shot a middle finger?Lmao
  16. Events
    HIN San Mateo March HIN Chicago March HIN Washington, D.C. April HIN Boston April HIN Philadelphia May HIN Dallas June HIN Orlando July HIN Charlotte July HIN Los Angeles August HIN Minneapolis September HIN Seattle September HIN...
1-20 of 20 Results