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  1. General Talk
    I was thinking of converting my high beams to low beams or day time lights. is that even possible?
  2. Off Topic Lounge Yes I was there:bowrofl:
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    equals a shit ton of brake dust. fawk my life. 3 or 4 days after a wash.. thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the downside of kickass brake pads (also the loud braking noise) totally worth it though.
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    Very interesting :tup:
  5. General Talk
    is this true? i called so many places and they said that most coilover company's raised their prices...tein raised the most they said...why would they do this now that everyone's on recession.
  6. Electrical
    Ok guys so I have the system installed finally. I am not happy with the amount of dimming and plan on getting the alternator and new battery, that way it will be there. I read that review about the alterstart alternator for our cars and evidently its junk, the best bet I guess is to pay the 400...
  7. Suspension
    I did ebachi pro kit and Tokyo blue struts and my fucking rear is really high. It looks like stock check out my project civic thread in members ride to see what i mean its page 48 i believe. Doe sit take time to settle or do i need to jump up nad down on it??? Thanks for the help guys
  8. General Talk
    i got a question regarding a high flow cat or "test pipe" im looking to buy a full exhaust system header all the way back and im stuck on the header and cat section heres my options: 1) dc shorty header (looks similar to stock) with random tech high flow cat -----OR------ 2) hp...
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  10. General Talk
    So yeah last night when i show up to the friday night meet spot i noticed that my headlight looks fogged up...but it doesnt look like fog though, more like dust in a really strange pattern. I couldnt figure it out so I just decided that I was gonna have to take it apart to clean it out the next...
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  12. Mechanical Problems
    I ran all 4 of my cylinders with a friend. We did the test at WOT with the ECU fuse pulled and all cylinders came out dead even but the number was weird. In the manual compression says that ideally its 135 My compression came out on each cylinder at 195 Now 135 in the first place seems a bit...
  13. Basic Performance
    Ok So first of, does anyone make pistons for the D17 that have a compression ratio greater than 9.9:1? Secondly Is it a good idea to go with a compression higher than 10:1? (I am N/A)
  14. Suspension
    The pictures below are of by buddies 1993 Civic Del Sol, as you can see, the front of the car is about an inch higher then the rear... Front driver and passenger side, good two - three inch gap between wheel and fender. Rear driver and passenger side, much smaller one - two inch gap between...
  15. Electrical
    I've been doing some searching and am not coming up with any useful information. I'm about to install some electrical things (HID kit, fog lights, 12" sub with 600 watt amp) and am slightly concerned with my battery and alternator. I'm replacing the battery and I'd like to replace the...
  16. Suspension
    This is a post made by ZzyZx. Same guy from 7thgencivic. Posted by zzyzx: I Figure its about time this is discussed, as it saddens me to see so many people put so much money in to trying to make their cars handle better, be it for the street or compitition, and yet constaly go back to the...
1-16 of 17 Results