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  1. General Talk
    finally got it done. what you guys think??
  2. Members Rides
    15000k HIDs.. Everyone has either white or blue so i'd figure i would be different and go with ruby purple.. They dont look that bright cause i have them pointing down a little more so i dont blind people while im driving
  3. Members Rides
    oK GOT THE GOODZ ON TODAY. 10K HIDS WITH SLIM BALaSTS INSTALLED on my halo angel eyed blacked out healdights. Also installed a Genuine Civic 01-03 edm rear fog with a 07-08 honda fit combo switch. Had help from James "mahalo bradah"... REAR fog is bright as hell like the hids and i love it...
  4. Electrical
    My fogs aren't working and I am guessing it's because of the bulbs. What kind of bulbs will I need, I think I read something about H11. And what color would be best since I already have the ebay yellow lenses.
  5. Electrical
    i just baught this new hids set,need help installing,thank you.
  6. Members Rides
    Here is my old setup.... I figured it was time to get rid of the "played out" yellow fogs and try something a lil different :tup: 8000K headlights w/ Pink / Purple Fogs (25000k): Shout outs to (Jeff) for making this possible :tup: More mods coming soon....
  7. Electrical
    What are the top brands to get?? what is the best sites?? and that are afordbable prices! For H-1 projector headlights! thank you!
  8. Electrical
    i wana put 8000k into my stock headlamps (2004 ex coupe) but i dont know were to go and get a reasonable price and are the HID's bad to use in the snow because here in CT its gona start snowin soon
  9. Electrical
    i installed my hids but i still think they need to be adjustedthe first pic is no adjustment and now i have them a little adjusted butnot sure if its alright which looks better?
  10. Electrical
    will 02 HID bulbs fit in an 04? or are the bulb sizes different?
  11. Electrical
    I just installed my HIDs on my 2002 civic sedan (Bi Xenon Bulbs). When i start my car and turn my HIDs to low beam it works, but when i turn my light switch to "off", it stays on high beam. (so basically i cant turn off my HIDS after i turn it on) BUT, when my car is able to turn my high...
  12. Members Rides
    Just put my HID kit in...not bad for a cheap eBay kit lol. I got the 8000K Iceburg Blue kit. It was completely plug n play and came with everything needed. I have pics of the install if anyone has any questions...I'd rate it a .5 out of 10 lol The only potential downside is that you lose your...
  13. General Talk
    i removed my hids and put the stock ones now. i was selling for but now im willing to trade someone. just list down what you would consider trading and lets do this =) btw they're 8000k ( blue )
  14. Mechanical Problems
    i dont know if this is a problem w/ all em2's but my battery was dead for good, it was pushing .97 volts when it should be pushing 12V. i think this is because of my HIDS but im not sure. anyone w/ HIDS know if what i did was wrong ? i had the ballast and one wire was to the bulb. the other wire...
  15. General Talk
    what should i get? any opinions are welcome. i want both but i dont know which one to hold off for. which would you guys pick?
  16. Electrical
    Any of you guys got hid kits?
  17. Electrical
    Is it possible to get my headlights to not go on when pushing "flash to pass" on the signal arm? I know for HIDs it's bad to light them quickly on and off. I want to avoid this from happening by accident by making sure they don't come on by that switch.
1-17 of 19 Results