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  1. Suspension
    Hi, Car 04 coupe. I have installed some megan sport coilovers on my car. Just wondering if anyone with direct experience setting these up can give some help. My issue is that I think I've maxed out the rear height as low as they will go, but its not near where I'd like them to be at. I'd...
  2. Suspension
    Couldn't really find what i was looking for on this. My father has a 2001 sedan and he wants to get new shocks, and keep the same springs. Should i convince him to just throw a decent set of springs on as well, or is that not necessary? Would blues work w/stock springs? any others. appreciate...
  3. Suspension
    I was under my 03 LX coupe and i noticed the driver side strut assembly had a oil of some kind running down it. The whole thing was wet with this oil. seemed fresh so i put the car back down and bounced the car with my body weight and I heard a slurping sucking sound. sounded squishy. does this...
1-3 of 4 Results