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  1. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I have been doing some research for a while, and Right now I have a CAI and OBX catback exhaust, and I have been thinking about getting some Megan or just crappy eBay header, more for looks than performance. Then I thought about wrapping my stock header with heat wrap, one because my...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Well before anyone says anything i have searched the forums for about a month now and haven't found an answer to my problem. About a month ago one morning i noticed that i didn't have any heat. No overheating problems or any other signs but just no heat. When i get home and check my rad i don't...
  3. Members Rides
    Figured i would try something different.. I know it probably wont do anything but oh well i did it anyways..
  4. Mechanical Problems
    so i posted this on honda tech but the answer i got turned out to be wrong so here it goes again. When my car hits about 3000 rpms it sounds like plates are rubbing together, kind of a clattering noise. it is the worst in 1st and second gear but you can also hear it in 3rd and fourth pretty...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    hey im a ricer and i had my defroster on and thus the AC on and then I got cold and turned my heat all the way up and then there was this nasty burning smell. It's all gone now but did I damage anything?
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Heater core? All of this happened when i received my car back from an accident. Ac works fine but heat doesnt work in motion or parked lol:smiley-rofl:
  7. Mechanical Problems
    Well as some of you may know I recently got my Megan Racing header and was gonna install it but ran across a problem. When i was trying to take off the heat shield on my stock header the 3rd bolt (bottom of the heat shield) seems to be stripped and i tried using a combination wrench and socket...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    This has just started happening.. The car will be warmed up and the heat will be on but it will blow cold for about 5 minutes.. then the heat comes on for a couple minutes and then just goes ice cold.. I need heat for winter!
  9. Basic Performance
    I was trying to install my meagen headers and downpipe tonight. Anyways on the heat shield I stripped one of the bolts. It was beeing very stubborn and I now cant get it out. What do I do?
1-9 of 10 Results