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  1. Electrical
    Simple question that I couldn't find a clear answer to by searching: can I use the stock dash kit (?) with an aftermarket stereo, or do I need to purchase an aftermarket adapter kit alongside the wire harness and head unit? If not, I have a 2004 EX; any kit recommendations? If yes, have any of...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all. Introduction threads are not my thing, sort of feels like an AA meeting, but ah well here goes. I'm 4thCivic, I'm new here, and as my nic suggests this is my fourth civic. For those curious, I had an EJ1, EJ6, and EJ8... and none of them had working A/C! Technically speaking I don't...
  3. Electrical
    ok well i got a new headunit (other one was stolen) and i got everything wired up nicely and the headunit wont turn on. also my power door locks and keyless entry wont work. i replaced the security and acc radio fuse. could it be any other fuse?
  4. Electrical
    New headunit, No sound....FIXED! I just took out an alpine headunit to put in a JVC DVD unit in my 04 EX...problem is when the headunit comes on, i hear a slight crackle for a second and thats it, nothing else. Headunit receives power fine, plays dvds fine, just no sound. Ive always done my own...
1-4 of 4 Results