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  1. Dont know where to post?
    2001 honda civic lx coupe So, I installed some spyder headlights in my car about about a month ago now, and the blinker connector they sent me does not match the factory harness at all. I have made several trips to auto stores, the dealership, and junkyards with no luck. The dealership "can...
  2. Members Rides
    Took the headlights out, went out and bought the 3M headlight restoration kit, which by the way works awesome... This was the outcome... Also painted the grill black while I was at it :P Ill have more pics of it back together once the grill dries more.
  3. General Talk
    Hey Guys, many of you know I have a retrofit and i have a potential buyer to buy them, but they keep fogging up after a while when I leave my lights on....I just drove for about 20 min...and its all fogged up. i am thinking its not the sealant but I think its a problem with airflow. Adam...
  4. Electrical
    Since I usually drive with my headlights and fogs on at the same time, could I splice the headlight wire (the wire connecting into the HID ballast) and link it up with the fogs? I got the fogs at Has anyone done that yet?
  5. Electrical
    My driver's side headlight connector is slowly melting away. I went to majestic's website and you get the set for $4 + $5 shipping. There are no wires and you have to put it together. Can I just get an aftermarket set for any H4/9003 bulb such as these...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Every couple of months one of my headlights will burn out . the highs and running lights still work but when i turn it for the regular lights at night one blows. its like my 2nd pair now.anyone know anything? thanks:werd:
  7. Electrical
    I need to know if my tyc headlight "plastic" piece will fit my oem headlight. Some how the plastic outer piece got some of that black gooy shyt on the headlight, and now I cannot remove. I tried goo gone and no luck. Unless you guys have a suggestion to clear that out.
  8. General Talk
    Hey Guys, I went to my retrofit guy and he said to put headlight caps in the back to dust and crap doesn't go inside the light....problem is i dont think our headlights ever came with these caps??/? anyone know if this is true?
  9. Electrical
    Ever since I have had my car I have had to replace the headlight bulbs at least once a year as one of them will burn out. I wear gloves when I install them to make sure i do not touch the glass part and I am very careful when i do this. The only reason I can think of for them not lasting long is...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    hi my headlight is leaking water and i know i need to resilicone it..but what kind of silicone do i need. a link would be very healpful. thank you everybody
  11. Electrical
    I'm looking to get some new headlight bulbs, something a little brighter than what I currently have. I have the aftermarket headlight housings off Ebay, which take H3 bulbs. After looking around, I think I want to get these: I also want to get...
  12. Electrical
    As you can see, for some reason there's an uneven pattern coming from my passenger's side (Right side, for those of you keeping score at home). I have no idea what it is or what's causing it, I suppose it's just a defective housing. I replaced both units a while back after I got in a wreck...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    So every Friday seems to be an interesting day with Ryan lol. Of course he went to the bar and 2 pitchers later he is a happy guy. So my buddy comes up who we havent seen in a while, just got done tuning an Sti, stops by. We are just talking about bullshit, he has an ep3 and somehow Ryans...
  14. Electrical
    Hey guys, I did a search and I was a bit surprised that there aren't any threads here or DIY on how to remove and replace the headlight assembly. I have a service manual I found online and downloaded, but it's kind of confusing with their steps. My main concern was that the instructions said...
  15. General Talk
    What style of headlights should i make/get? A) none, keep OEM clean and untouched. B)Black out OEM your self how you would like them. C)Buy "JDM" style crystal headlights D)Buy blacked out headlights. I personally like the regular OEM look, especially on SSM. But my car is eternal blue, and so...
  16. General Talk
    Do you guys know if they sell JUST the Clear plastic Lens/Shield on the headlights... I have a set of BOH Headlights and my regular clear ones, but one of the lenses on the BOH's are all yellow/scratched/nasty looking. They've got to sell them... think about it. If somebody get's in a fender...
  17. Electrical
    hi guys i've got a stupid question. i wanna change my headlight bulbs because the OEM aren't really good. i bought some osram h7 so my question is, do i have to change only the bulb or the hole plug with bulb like on the picture??? only this ??? or this?? excuse my english
  18. Members Rides
    future plans to change my headlights, just wanted to know which one looked good in other peoples opinion.. pretty split between black housed or cleared.. will probably be doing ebay fogs down the road (not yellow fogs tho..) so which would you think would look better w/ that set up? thanks in...
  19. Members Rides
    im sure there has been a post somewhere down the line about this, but what is the easiest way to black out parts of the headlights?
  20. General Talk
    Well i've been wanting to black house my headlights but they are kinda foggy from the my question is should i still do it or get new headlights?? if i choose to do it on the new headlights and i end up messing them up...i just more than 100 bucks...will i be able to take out...
1-20 of 24 Results