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    Happy Birthday bud.....hope you have a good one!
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    30 minutes early but whatever :fu: Happy 21st Birthday man!! round of shots for everyone who is 21 or over at IA to celebrate! :dance:
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    TO ME. Even though the site doesn't show it, today is the big 24. I also get to pick up my car!
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    happy birthday ravi! :wave:
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    yuh.. since nobody gave a flying fukk... ima be nice and make u a thread. happy bday BRAH.. u MAD? :fu:
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    happy birthday Karen! i know you probably don't come on here but I'm sure Adam will relay the message
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    Hey everyone...just wanna give a notice to the four peps b-day today... 1)EM_Enthu5ia5t (26), 2)03civicex (22), 3)jdmdv (20) ME 4)steve35red (19)
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    happy birthday from 7GH!! :dance:
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    why do black people always have nightmares? :shrug: Cuz they killed the one who had a DREAM. :( LMFAO..... HAPPY MLK! :tup: ninja edit: i just found this on my computer. LMAO.
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    Happy 30th birthday honey!!! These pics just go to show that once a dork always a dork!! It's your birthday so drink up and enjoy!! Love ya!!!!
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    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new years. :tup:
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    hope its a good one ray!!
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    Hope you had a good b-day.
1-20 of 71 Results