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  1. General Talk
    well i don't kno if it should be posted here or not(plz move it doesn't belong here) anyways i just wanted to share my sunday with you guys. me and my family went out for a couple of cruises in the tahoe cause our town had a cinco de mayo gathering at the park, so we drove around and saw a...
  2. General Talk
    :puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke: :puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke: :puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke...
  3. General Talk
    was cruising down imperial highway in la habra and saw this amazing thing. had axis stickers on it. sorry their so big and i was driving so it was tough. and here is their project gt-r. it was some young kid with bleached hair so im guessing it was the shops car.
  4. General Talk
    Just got back to n.o. and visiting a few friends and this was in one of the garage. Sorry for the bad pics, only had my iphone with me. He got it about 6 days ago.
  5. General Talk
    Florida :nono::punchballs:
  6. General Talk
    this rich kid that stays down the street from me named arron just got a black gtr,and i just got to drive it and its fast and it even handles in the i might have to get one, well anyway he wants to race the yota friday. tried to get pics but all i had was a shitty cellphone.i will try...
  7. Videos & Other Media
    Dont Know if this is a repost or if any of you have seen this before but i thought it was funny
  8. General Talk
1-8 of 8 Results