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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Monday Night Football Live Streaming
  2. Electrical
    ok what all is involved in a wire tuck and how hard is one and what is the big ground kit for and what does it do sorry for noob ?s
  3. Suspension
    Ok guys, I am picking up a set of Ground Controls locally tomorrow, and had a few questions. First, what do I need to look for as far as wear and tear? And as far as adjustment goes, do these come with a special tool for that? And what does this kit all come with? If they are on stock struts I...
  4. Members Rides
    I figured I would start one of my own since I'm now starting to get some progress done with the car. First: Then: Wheels installed - April 14th 2009: Daytime pics - April 15th, 2009: The full shoot of those day and night pictures can be found here...
  5. Suspension
    Since they dont make GC sleeves for our cars, will the rsx GC sleeves fit our cars also?
  6. Other Cars
    Hey everyone, i currently drive an EM2, and i recently have been thinking about keep my EM2 and also getting a hatch. Im not too smart when it come to this build process. So what im looking for, from you guys, is a list of the BIG major things i will need to get me started including the hatch...
  7. Electrical
    Where have you guys grounded your amps and how? I thought about just putting out the cash and doing the high end ground (jl audio ground master lug). I have it grounded to a bolt under the back seat right now. Just looking for a better/closer idea.
  8. Suspension
    Anyone here have GC with stock struts. If so how does it ride and how easy is it to ajust them.
  9. Suspension
    Specifically. The reason I ask is because I already have D-Specs and want the GC's, but according to numerous dealers, GC does NOT offer a coilover set specifically designed for the diameter of the D-Specs. One dealer suggested that I just order the GC's for OEM diameters, but I already tried...
  10. Suspension
    yo i wanna get ground contril coilovers i heard there really good with stock struts.I just dont want it ti bottom out (all the loud noise) my last coilovers did that i just think they were really cheap.Right now i have dropezone strut so would the grounds controls be ok o thez or go back to stock?
  11. Electrical
    well obviously i'm a loser when it comes to electrical stuff. i just wired up my fog lights and got it to work after days of searching on finding the way to wire it. i got my fog lights from ebay and yeah you know it, the wiring harness wasn't long enough to wire through the passenger's side...
  12. Suspension
    Hey i just got some GC Eibach coilovers from a guy on another forum. Theyre just the sleeve/spring combo thing. Im gona dump em on my stock struts and wana know where i can get o-rings from. he says the o-rings are destroyed so what. i got em for very cheap so it aint that bad of a...
  13. Basic Performance
    I bought about 4 feet of 8 gauge wire for only 2 bucks WITH the end tabs... a sound shop near me had some extra and didnt care... the new plug on my NEG was 10 bucks... I think I did a pretty good job... is there anywhere else I could use the extra wire?
  14. Electrical
    I read the DIY by Gearbox about the 3 wires to replace.. the problem is that I dont know where exactly they are.... i will post this picture of my engine bay, could someone copy and draw on it where the connection points are and send it back to me? Thanks!!
1-14 of 14 Results