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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I was just browsing around to find if there are more people like me who are in love with their 01 civic and I guess i came to the right place. I would like to introduce my self here and of course my car too. My name is Ishmeet born in India but lived my whole life in NY. Cars and...
  2. General Talk
    Have you used it? Do you like it? Good, I'm using it on my engine mount bushings I just got this week... lol Anyway... Someone at autzone screwed up big time, they're selling the 3-packs (list online for 19.99) at the same price as a single tube online (7.99), if you look at autozones...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    If you've seen Green Street Hooligans the first one you will like this one, full movie link below enjoy movie is not even out in the us yet
  4. Off Topic Lounge :bowrofl:
  5. Mechanical Problems
    OK this is wierd only sometimes after regular drive around town or whatever i will park and when i leave i see a couple small puddles of green fluid about 3 inches apart from eachother on the mid left side of car. This only happens sometimes very strange. 1.I checked rad fluid its ok and never...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I just noticed my Key Light keeps blinking continuously on dash. Car turns on with no problem. It just very annoying when driving you just see a light blinking on and off. What could the problem be. Any help would be perfectly find...thanks alot guys
  7. West
    This is actually my friend's brother but I thought I'd help out a friend in need!
  8. General Talk
    So I took my car to a show and showed some 7th gen rep. in Fresno, CA, took some pics before the official show started. The theme was that you can still be cool and have a nice ride with out messing up emmissions, as you can see it was sponsored by the B.A.R., and other...
1-8 of 9 Results