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  1. General Talk
    Just wondering what your opinions are on best sounding exhaust for our cars, with a STOCK engine, n/a and all that good stuff. i'm still in school so i'm not willing to do an engine swap for another year or two because of financial priorities. I just want to sound nice for a little bit. I've...
  2. General Talk
    if anyone has heard either of these two exhausts please help me out with letting me know what you think of them. I am looking for a stainless catback and im not quite sure how the DC sports catback sounds, but i have heard the Evo2 sounds good and has a deep tone to it. If anyone has any...
  3. General Talk
    Does anybody know a good exhaust to get for a em2 with A D17A2? Also something relatively low in price too that would be great. I'm looking for something that isn't obnoxiously loud, something with a nice deep tone like the GReddy EVO2... thanks
  4. Members Rides
    I finished up my HID projector retrofit. :werd: Yep, GReddy makes HID ballasts. Low beam: High beam: Cutoff shot: Driving video: How to thread: Setup...
  5. Basic Performance
    Greddy has come up with the new Spectrum Elite. So far, they have made one for the RSX and not yet for the EM2. But just out of curiosity, would the RSX one fit? Here's a link:
  6. Suspension
    hey i have a quik ? pleaz dont bash.. simple ? will an rsx strut tower fit my em2.. found a good deal on a greddy strut bar and wanted to know if it would fit.. thanks
  7. Basic Performance
    which you you rather choose?
  8. General Talk *sighh :shrug:
  9. Mid West
    I got an EP3 so Im just really really trying to get rid of this stuff. DX/LX AEM V2 - $70 comes with a newer dryflow filter, probably around 3k on the filter 30k on the intake EX Greddy Sp2 - $170 no gaskets but I also have the Tanabe dx/lx adaptor that I'll throw in for free. IDC if you need...
  10. Basic Performance
    hey i just installed a greddy sp2 catback and originally when I was idle on drive (waiting for a light) i heard a very obvious plastic knocking noise and I realized that it was the tip touching my rear lip. While driving and parked with the engine on there is no sound. So i trimmed the area...
  11. Basic Performance
    So a while back I bought a Greddy Evo2 for my '05 civic Si (ex). Not even a year old yet. I've been getting a rattling noise coming from it for past while now & I thought it was just a loose bolt or something,like maybe the heat shield ? This is my 1st Honda & I don't really know too much about...
  12. Basic Performance
    what are the torque specs for the 7 bolts? 2 bolts at the cat 3 bolts at the midpipe 2 bolts at the muffler
  13. Members Rides
    i will do a full photoshoot sometime next week
  14. Members Rides
    Hey guys ! This is my 1st Honda so I'm still new to it. I bought a Greddy EVO II not to long ago & love it. My only problem with it is when I drive in the rain it is vibrating against the underneath the car,if feels like it is right below your feet. I took it to the shop where I had it installed...
  15. General Talk
    what if i got a greddy emanage with a stage 2 cam and the valve train upgrade, and rods and pistons
  16. Videos & Other Media
    Here it is. best deal for 163$ lol. =) I'm impressed but the only thing im worried about is how its louder then the World sport i had on my accord. I just hope i don't get pulled over. But i love the sound though =) Ill have better pics later, This car is a work in progress.
1-16 of 21 Results