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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, you may call me Kika :) I don't own a honda, YET! But I been trying to figure out which one to invest in. I know for certain I want one with speed but I don't know much about cars or car parts or modifications. So I'm here to try to find some help. Any suggestions on a model I should look...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I'm new to this. My name is Emily i live in Boston Ma. I have 2001 Honda Civic Sedan. Would like some ideas so far i have a Type R grill on ti a new paint job, some 5Zigen wheels Falken tires and a Mugen front lip.. nothing much but let me know some ideas would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. Videos & Other Media too bad they show it only in NZ :hs:
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Ashley 20 Nashua NH/ Lowell MA 2001 LX i got the car for 2900 dollars from some lady. it had been in an accident but is still in perfect driving condition. she apparently just decided that her husband could just go spend the money and buy the kid a whole new car. WTF? damn i wish my mommy and...
  5. Videos & Other Media
    just thought id share this, i thought it was pretty funny with her reaction at the end lol.
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  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Not sure if this has been posted before. Ive had a girl bl0w me immediately after a 2hr basketball game (i musta smelled like the body of christ:laugh::face-icon-small-puk) Ive had a girl do ATM (google it if you dont know) Ive had a girl who would only let me PIITB(very wierd yr:coffee:)...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    So, to save us all the trouble, I'm cross-posting from the story from user solaris9 that has become an internet phenomenon. Anything in this thread I take no credit for and give full and all credit to the aforementioned user. I'm only posting solaris9's posts, not any...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    hi! i'm a new member of 7thgen and also a member of Honda Girls. i'm excited to learn more about this site! if there is anyone from the bay area & would like to meet, pls. don't hesitate to PM me! :domo:
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hey. Im a Noobie here. i live in oklahoma if anyone is from there. im in virginia right now visiting if there is anyone on from there too. :) I have a 2004 civic EX. It is still stock as of now :( i dont really know where too begin . i really wanna lower it first but i guess we will see
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  12. Introduce Yourself
    hey! i have a blalck 05 lx 4dr. shes pretty much stock except for an intake, HIds and some cosmetics under the hood. no grill. i dont like how the stock grill looks so im getting a replacement one. : ) if you can see i also have a "sock" on my brake fluid reservoir. im not...
  13. Videos & Other Media
    This girl goes crazy, long vid but good watch, she even starts crying...adam can relate to this, we are here for u buddy "YOU HAVE THE POWER!, DONT HATE ON SCENE KIDS!":smiley-rofl::smiley-rofl: is labelism a real word btw?? This bitch is hot but shes retarted...
  14. Off Topic Lounge 73 lol thought this was cute, probably staged by mom though
  15. Introduce Yourself
    Hey wassup everyone I am new here. I hope this site is really cool I found out about it through honda-tech. Got pics in my profile. :lol:
1-16 of 18 Results