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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    hey i just wanted to share this car with you guys, thought it was great. for sale too only 11grand......... check it out 1st Gen Civic
  2. South
    Edit: this is why i dont fuckin make threads....for some reason i put 7th gen houston and forgot to put tilted kilt bad :rofl: Guess everyone liked the idea of getting together again asap, chillin and havin some fun Everyone seemed to like Bone Daddys from the Dallas meet so guess...
  3. West
    sup guys my little brother wants to join the 7thgen game. so if you can he is looking fo a 7th gen under 6k.. any color manual transmission ex any year.. thanks we will go any where in cali for it.. so as you find them please post your finds here thanks also the car doesnt need rims it...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    HEY everyone go look in this month's modified mag the one with the skyline on the cover. Flip thru till u see the fram oil filter ad. Is dat a 7th gen with a widebody or am i trippin? Sumbody post dis pic up! What u think?
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Saw your guys promo vid on youtube so I decided to post up some pics of an 04 civic I recently bought. I bought it as is so I haven't done anything to it yet but I hope to in the future when I'm not living on ramen noodles to pay off the car =) j/k
  6. Canada
    Here's some of the pics that I snapped from Chris' BBQ and the photoshoot afterwards, anyone else with pics post em up! Chris' BBQ Photoshoot @ Underground Parking Garage EDIT**
  7. Introduce Yourself
    hi all, Just got the car around 1 month ago. I'm very pleased with the space and confort of his civic. I'll try keep you all updated on all mods. Just sold my EJ2 so now lets see wat I can do with this EM2 Previous EJ2 Saludos desde Panama !!
  8. Canada
    Hey Guys, sorry for the delay but here are some of the pics I snapped from the meet, anyone else who has any feel free to add em up too :)
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Ive owned my 03 for a little over 6mo. now. It was my sisters old car so i dicided to buy it from her. I bought it stock, and since then ive added the 18"rims, intake, exhaust, header, HIDs, and sound system. Im thinking about selling it, only because were i live. Its not quite the winter car...
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys. I never realized there was such a large community for 7th gens out here. I'm glad i came across this. So, hi everyone :D i'll have more pictures up later. this is all i've got in my photobucket.
  11. Videos & Other Media
    On the way to the sac meet we took some videos on a closed road and I had to steal them from nick... haha
  12. Canada
    Here's the pics you all been waiting for.... Our largest meet thus far with 19 Civics!!!
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Wassup people name's Carlos. I drive a 2004 EM2 stock as u can imagine. Last car was an EG but it got stolen:dunno: :wtc: well here r some pics of my car.
  14. South
    I've been looking around for decals reppin DFW but I couldnt find any that were appealing. I saw majority of 8th gen decals reppin their place and I was wondering if theres any decals like this for us Or do I have to get it custom made ><
  15. Videos & Other Media
    Made a lil somethin: what yall think?
  16. Members Rides
  17. South
    Heres the pics from 7th gen houstons fun on the board walk day, got to kemah and couldnt find a photoshoot place so went down to the galveston seawall to do one welcomed our newest member to the family today, tim aka slowwhitecivic :tup: anyone else that took pics post em up! send me a PM if...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    whats up pple...just signed on yesterday...its a pity took me two yrs to find this site :dunno:..n e way my car dosen't look special yet so i ll post some when i put some rims on...later 7 gen
  19. West
    get ur fart cans polished! under glow working properly and decals layed down! 7th Gen Fast And Furious Movie Night! I Know Its Short Notice But I Am Sure We Can Have A Good Turn Out When: Saturday April 4th, 2009 Where: 3561 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95834 Time: movie starts at 11pm...i...
1-19 of 77 Results