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  1. General Talk
    Hey Guys Came accross a wikid site -> has every episode of every season of Top Gear (and specials) and Fifth Gear as well I believe. All FLV's streaming on the site.
  2. Mechanical Problems
    alright my tranns is completely fucked, but now its stuck in gear and i need to move it from the yard. DETAILED STORY: its a 5spd tranny, hasnt been insured in a little over a year. since then it was permitted for maybe 5 days. when it was insured it had a problem with the 5th gear popping...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone out there ride? Fixed or single speed bikes? Just picked mine up last night from a friend here in town. Went out riding today. Rode about 10miles and man am I sore. First time on a FG, was a little hard getting used to no brakes but I'm getting it down :D. Great way to get back in shape...
  4. General Talk
    Ok as some of you know the stock cam gear has no mark for TDC, so i was wanting to see if any of you knew how i can find out which tooth it is? Any info will help
  5. Members Rides
    so i just got my sides on, here is a little cellphone pic until i get my front lip painted and throw my summer wheels on, should have some professional pics up by next sunday.
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys I dont know how to explain this the best but my 1st gear is "chaddering" kind of like what wheel hop sounds like. Its only while im just letting out the clutch. Its like when you learn to drive a stick (that is not the problem though). Any idea what this could be? I know in order for...
  7. Members Rides
    @9 psi, stock clutch slipping crazy
  8. Mechanical Problems
    so when im in 5th gear it pops out like 15 seconds after putting it there what wrong and what could of caused it? thanks guys.
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Here is what happened to me the other day. I was driving, I got into it, hit second, fine, then went to third and I missed and went into first. Rpm's went to about 8500-9000. Thought for sure the motor was gone. It was fine though. But what I am now hearing is a whining sound from the tranny for...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    so I come back from cigarettes and 3rd gear is grinding every time I shift from 2nd to 3rd... wtf is the problem and how do I fix the god damn thing I was running the car kind of hard... maybe it needs to cool down? I never had grinding before
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    This game is fuckin awesome! Just wanted to know who plays this and what you think of this game. OH YEAH....NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    is open today, anyone else got an invite. downloading the update then i'll be playing
  13. General Talk
    so when im shifting out of 1st into 2nd at high rpms 5k and up, sometimes the 2nd gear doesnt go all the way in and it grinds, what the fuck is goin on? im pretty sure it has to do with my synchros, if it is how much r they to replace? what do u guys think??:smoke3:
  14. General Talk
    Got my JDM Type R grille and OEM Civic All Weather Black Floor Mats the other day. Floor mats look good, and i just got the grille back from Honda this morning painted to Eternal Blue. Going to install tonight, then a shoot possibly.
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    Here is a video at about 15 psi-300 whp. I had zero traction in 3d gear once I hit 10 psi, so I had to short shift 3d. Enjoy.
  16. Basic Performance
    im debating on getting some aem pullies and cam gears i want to know if there is any downfall or problems that come with these parts and if they are a good buy. i alreay have a full exhaust and intake and just ordered a header yesterday, with these mods would pullies and cam gears be a good idea?
  17. Videos & Other Media
    This is huge. After many months, Top Gear is back!!!! Its very much like the previous seasons, except this first episode covers the crash Richard Hammond had at about 288 mph. In rare form, Clarkson was very kind to Hammond on the crash, and...
1-17 of 19 Results