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  1. Electrical
    Hi, I have a CIVIC EX and I have some problems with the gauges. The odometer shows trip AB888888, and never change. The battery light sometimes blinks. (the battery is new and the alternator is fine)and all gauges sometimes turn off. The lights sometimes doesn't work It seems to be a...
  2. Electrical
    at the risk of sounding retarted, does anyone know if its possible to switch from a 02 civic gauge cluster to an 02 acura 1.6el gauge cluster? i know alot of people have swapped over to the 03-05 civic, but i prefer the acura gauges
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone ever seen these on an actual car in real life. i think they look pretty sick...
  4. Swap and Forced Induction
    moved to electric sry
  5. Electrical
    during my gauge swap i was going over diagrams from the 01-03 civic harness and the rsx harness and there are like 2 ir 3 wires that dont match up so im just wondering if anyone had a 01-03 civic diagram with the cables label what theyre for and not just colors (ex: fuel level input) i asked...
  6. Electrical
    If I do a cluster swap from a '02 civic (gray faces) to '03 (black faces) and my civic has side airbags. Do I have to get a cluster that also has the side airbag light? Or if I get a cluster that came from a civic that didn't have side airbags do I just lose the "side airbag off" light and is...
  7. Electrical
    I am looking at the newer gauges and Josh (THE_DON) told me about the 03-05 gauge cluster and after seeing them in his car I really like them. He is saying that they can go in the 01's and 02's, but are they plug and play? And would my mileage be altered...
  8. Electrical
    so the lights behind my oil pressure gauge and the top section of my speedometer have burned out. are these just light bulbs i need to replace or what?? crappy pic but u can see what i mean
  9. General Talk
    hey guys i have been on here much lately computer has been broken. but i was just priceing out parts for my turbo im doing this winter just wondering which air/fuel is better the autometer wide band or the AEM wideband i just priced out the autometer and its was 450 CAN and he could not find me...
  10. Electrical & Lighting
    Someone just made a thread on here about doing this and I didn't want to link them to CF...So I figured I'd transfer my DIY to here, along with posting of the pin diagrams. First off, You will need to remove your gauge cluster. To do this, you have to remove the two screws located on the black...
  11. Electrical
    Will the gauge cluster from a 2003 honda Civic LX or 02' and up RSX plug directly into my 2002 Civ. LX guage wiring because i like the 03' Civ. gauges and RSX gauges a lot better and would like to swap them out if possible!? Oh and will the gauges read the mileage of my car or the car it...
  12. General Talk
    :dunno:So does anyone have a gauge that gives a false reading. My gas gauge says i'm about a gallon less than what i really have in the winter time. In the summer it's the opposite. At 9ish gallons my light comes on to show i'm low on fuel. I don't like that. It's so naturally for me to think...
  13. Electrical
    ok for the last few weeks my gas gauge has been acting weird every time i start and turn off the car the needle just keeps getting lower about 1/2 a bar every time but today i was driving around i turned it off it had about 1/4 tank left then when i started it up about 4 hours later it was on...
  14. Members Rides
    Me and my friend made this gauge pod for my car.. Something diferent
  15. Electrical
    When I turn on my lights my MPH and everything to the right of my gauges work fine, but my temp meter and Tac won't light up. Burned out bulb? Faulty wiring? Tell me what you think.
  16. General Talk
    hey guys not really sure where to ask this but i guess this is a good spot. i just go my gauges and my a piller pod in and got it all wired in the car minus the air/fuel gauge im just wondering which wire do i connect the air/fuel gauge to i have a 4 wire o2 sensor on my 03 civic thanks steve
  17. General Talk
    so i've assembled my final list of mods and one of them is ex gauge swap i'm not worried about miles i have next to nothing on my car so i can wait. my issue is since i drive a VP and have no tach will i need to run a wire from the ECU to my harness to get the signal. i searched civicforums...
  18. Swap and Forced Induction
    how do i install my boost gauge??? i know how to do the power and ground but i just cant figure out how to hook up the vacuum lines??? and is it possible to be running a boost gauge with out a turbo
  19. Mechanical Problems
    So I get out of work just now, walk out into the rainy 75 degree atmosphere of lovely Florida, get into my lucky em2, turn it on and for some reason, as I hear the motor rev up to 1400 rpm, the Tach doesnt rev up. It stays at 0. Same with the water temp gauge, and the fuel gauge. Not even the...
1-19 of 27 Results