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  1. Members Rides
    Weird question I know, but my gauges have been off (aligned way off) since I've owned the car. So I NEVER exactly know when I'm actually almost empty because when it hits the Empty line, it's not actually empty yet. I was wondering for my 13 gallon tank, does anyone know exactly how many miles...
  2. Swap and Forced Induction
    What kind injectors and fuel pump would i have to get once i turbo my d17a1? Does anybody know?:pedobear:
  3. General Talk
    So my CEL light has been going on and off for over a year and it's the same code. I've replaced my spark plugs about 6 times and replaced the ELD in the fuse box. I finally figured out it's my injectors. Not wanting to take them out at the moment I went and bought some Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment...
  4. Basic Performance
    Ok, seems like everyone i tell this to is completely clueless it exists. after you put on any performance mod like I/H/E your cars ecu settings are the same for things like air intake amount and what not. there's a way to reset it to allow you to get even more out of your mods and it only takes...
  5. Basic Performance
    I was wondering is there anyone in here that is running a FPR..if so the which fuel line do you use(on the fuel rail there is one like that goes to the back of the manifold and one that goes to the injectors), im assuming that you would use the main fuel line instead of the one that goes behind...
  6. Electrical
    Hello all, I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX. I've been looking everywhere for the location of the ECU harnesses so that I can find the injector switching wires. I'd like to hook a wire to one of them so that I can see when my car goes into DFCO (kills fuel to the injectors because it's engine...
  7. Mechanical Problems
    When I went to get gas this morning I pushed the lever in the car to open the feul tank door and it didnt open. I ended up going into the trunk and opening the fuel door from there, after i did this the lever seemed to work again. About an hour later I tried open the fuel door again with the...
  8. Electrical
    Ok well before i trashed my car (body and motor) there were two things i noticed that were starting to get on my nerves but never had a chance to fix! The first thing i noticed was that the backlight for my first climate control dial wasn't lit anymore so i tore apart my dash and everything...
  9. Engine & Transmission
    Walrbo 255lph & Return Fuel system setup. There are a few factors that will determine whether you need to do a return conversion or not. Mainly, your power level and the size of your injectors. If you’re going for 250 whp plus, you should step it up to a return fuel system. I recommend a...
  10. Electrical
    ok for the last few weeks my gas gauge has been acting weird every time i start and turn off the car the needle just keeps getting lower about 1/2 a bar every time but today i was driving around i turned it off it had about 1/4 tank left then when i started it up about 4 hours later it was on...
  11. Basic Performance
    Ok so i was looking at the Mega Squirt ECU and i had a question about our ecu. Does the Ecu start throwing codes when the Fuel injectors are disconnected? the reason i ask is that you can use Mega Squirt as a just a fuel controlling device that you can run along side the stock ecu with just a...
  12. Electrical
    just asking around to see if anyone know where i can get my hands on one,been searching around and can't find one for a civic anywhere.
  13. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I just came upon this problem today when trying to refuel at the gas station. I press down on the gas cover lever and nothing happens. I don't feel any clicking like I usually do. I had to go through the trunk and turn the "syringe" lock mechanism in order to get the fuel cover to...
  14. General Talk
    Do any of u guys use these products? Are they a waste of money? Thoughts?
  15. Mechanical Problems
    Well I went to push the lever to pop my gas door and i hear 'snap' and the door didn't open. Being at the end of a long day I kind of flipped out but eventually found the "latch" inside the trunk and pulled it out and got my gas door open. I can get a new cable assembly from the local Honda...
  16. Swap and Forced Induction
    i just got a catch tank and a walbro 255 lph fuel pump for my bone stock turbo d17 running 6 psi, i want to know wether these two things are important and a must have at this stage? since im kinda short on time, i was thinking if it takes up some time to install etc, id rather just let them lay...
  17. Swap and Forced Induction
    do u have to change out fuel pumps to run 10psi boost
  18. Swap and Forced Induction
    hey, i have everything to boost my D17 but my tuner said that i should convert to a fuel return line. is this true? i plan only to make around 200whp with the AEM FIC. i also have a D16Y8 intake manifold with RC440s and a AEM FPR i was wondering if its worth putting that manifold on. thx
  19. General Talk
    Does anyone know where to find a carbon fiber fuel door(gas cover)? I found a whole bunch of them for EVO's but I cant find one for a civic. Thanks
  20. Swap and Forced Induction
    Would there be any difference in performance or any complications using these 550cc injectors ( rather than RC or Deatsch Werks?
1-20 of 29 Results