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  1. Members Rides
    Pics were taken by Kyle (his ep3) with a nice point and shoot camera. I will be getting a dslr sometime before IA09. Only complaint I have is that Kyle wanted to take pics in the middle of the day instead of at dusk or dawn. I would like to go back a reshoot some of these in the morning or at...
  2. General Talk
    while i was in germany my borrowed my civic to go the some interview 300 miles away and next thing i know upon my return is that in the middle of the trip the tire separated from the rim.... i have no fucking idea how this can happen, she said it all happend withing 2 mins, she pulled over and...
  3. Suspension
    Well i started putting my rear struts together and they are on an angle. Pictures show what i mean anyone have this problem? Are the springs fucked up? or the strut? purchased everything from truehonda hopefully he sees this thread and can tell me the problem Thanks
1-4 of 5 Results