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  1. Suspension
    hard to install? any DIY on how to do it ive heard its a pain in the ass to get the endlinks off
  2. Members Rides
    my front and rear lip came today. still waiting on the sides. im gunna put the front on tomorrow to see how it is driving with it. might as well scrape it up when its not painted lol. i snapped some pics. Type R Front Type R Rear front on the car shots.
  3. Suspension
    I have heard that the front strut from the RSX will fit our chassis. Is this true in all cases? some cases? or none? Basically, I want to know because I'm looking to buy this:
  4. General Talk
    Wanted to see if yall had scene this front lip and wanted to know what everyone thinks about it. And check out this rear lip.
  5. General Talk
    so i have a wings west body kit and it seems like it has lost its shape it has gaps under the headlights and dose not line up to the fender anymore and the rear is starting to do the same thing. i was thinking of going back to stock but i dont have the bumpers any no where i can get them for a...
  6. Members Rides
    I cannot find this bumper anywhere and want to know who makes it
  7. Detailing
    I have a few big scrapes on my front bumper. The car is silver and they easily noticable. They are pretty bad (ill get pics soon) they have a rough fell to them now, so painting it would look weird. What do I do to fix this? New bumper? Or how much for a place to repair? Thanks
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Even though front 1ine owns a mazda :bitch:
  9. Electrical
    hey guys, I know its probably been done 100 times but I cant seem to find a good DIY help for installing front speakers in an 05 coupe. Im looking to install Polks but I dont know what size will fit because of the top mount depth and the magnet size. Can any one help? thanks
  10. Suspension
    hey is it true that regular camber bolts won't fit with tein basics and that I need the pillow ball mount??
  11. Suspension
    my ingalls camber bolts came in today. question do they go in? they look exactly like these...
  12. Members Rides
    I was just curious what you all think is a reasonable price or good deal from an online dealer. I found the regular ABS plastic Type R front lip for the 03 ex for 90$ and then it was about 130$ with shipping. Just wondering because that seems cheap. I have never looked into purchasing any lips...
  13. Suspension
    If it specifies "brace" is that essentially the same thing as a front strut tie bar? I am asking because i am looking for a strut bar, and found which i was happy since i didn't want the powdercoated black one. But will it just...
  14. General Talk
    I'll be doing this mod in the next few days and posting up a full DIY w/ pics. Some of you might have heard of it, it's called the "Garage Door Front Lip." (Google it if you can't wait for my DIY.) It costs around $25 and you can't beat this for the price. Here's to stuff to use...
  15. General Talk
    92-95 civic front lips fit the 01-03 correct. A guy on HT has a black em2 with a 92-95 cf front lip on it but i dont know if he had to do mods to it. I just want to confirm...I gots me a plan bitches.
  16. Exterior
    Well if your lookin to black out your headlights, install some projector headlights or to install a new grill this might help you out. Tools your gonna need- -10mm socket -8mm socket -flathead screwdriver -pliers -phillips head screwdriver -a fairly large extension for the...
  17. Suspension
    Hey guys I have tokico blues and neuspeed sports that I installed a few months ago, and just recently I have had this noise start on the front right side of the car. It sounds like something is rattling. It only happens when I go over a rough patch in the road, if its like one bump on the...
  18. Suspension
    I just picked up a used generic front strut tower bar for my 04 em2 I tried to get this thing installed but because of the SRI pipe in the middle, one end wouldn't reach all the way down to the top hat section Does this mean that for our cars, it is impossible to have an aftermarket intake...
61-79 of 95 Results