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  1. Suspension
    I've searched around to find somewhere this is already posted but couldn't seem to get anywhere. For 2003 (at least mine) the front anti-roll bar is 16mm and not 25.4mm. I've heard that's the EX size but they are definitely different, so be aware of that when you're buying new bushings such as...
  2. Members Rides
    Ok after a few months of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my lip, I finally decided after being inspired by Steven and banzaisteve. I chose to go with the geometric camo they both did on their lips. Well it didnt go as smooth as I hoped. For some reason the paint was spider cracking...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    Im getting this weird "whirring" sound from the front wheels when I turn the steering wheel slightly to the left it changes speed with the speed of the vehicle, so it's gotta be the wheels or tires or something. It's kinda like the sound of a tire rolling along the pavement when it's kinda...
  4. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I keep seeing everything for the rear disc brake conversion and this has been on my mind, does anyone know if the SI brake calipers fit on the EM2 in the front? Reason I ask is because this could open up the door to other brake selections(big brake) besides the normal Brembo and Wildwood setup...
  5. General Talk
    Hey guys, Its been a long time since i last posted. I traded my Inca Pearl EM2 for a 1994 B16a2 Turbo Del Sol. About 3 weeks later it was stolen from me at my place of work back in Michigan. Since then i have moved from Michigan to Minnesota and now work for a company called Modern Automotive...
  6. General Talk
    anybody got a hybrid front bumper on their 01-03 civics? pics if possible
  7. General Talk
    Hey Guys, I am thinking about getting a new front lip.. I have mugen now but kinda getting sick of it maybe cause its black?!?!?! I also had the type r front before i broke ssm, which i think looked clean! but i dunno.... or should i just get the OEM front?!!?
  8. Members Rides
    I still have this bumper in the attic and i didnt wanna throw it out and waste money.. I know barley anyone likes this bumper so i figured i would change it up and see if it would sell or not.. Heres what ive done so far on first day.
  9. General Talk
    ive looked everywhere, and no luck. Ive found the endlinks and bushings, just no bar. Im not looking to get an aftermarket bar, oem. if you can help, lemme know.
  10. General Talk
    Do all front lips fit 04-05?!?! I wanna get the 99-00 but don't know it all of em fits.
  11. South
    I found this link the other day and thought I would share this statewide for all Texas people who want to roll with their plate in the windshield: There's a PDF file on this ruling...
  12. General Talk
    do yell no of any good places that sales body parts or front bumpers at that? i need one for my em2 thanks for the help
  13. Suspension
    Looking to buy a tower bar but would like to know which will fit. Because have heard that some dont fit with aftermarket intake example: AEM short ram Megan Racing Neuspeed DC Sports And if you have other brands to suggest, please feel free to do so and any additional info on which is better...
  14. General Talk
    I was wondering if anybody has tried to color match paint their front Lip in Taffeta White. I am really strapped for cash so i was wondering what my options were? I cant seem to find taffeta white paint.
  15. General Talk
    Do those bumpers have the front license plate molded in like the 01-03's do?
  16. General Talk
    So i'm looking to buy a new front bumper. I wanna find one that is close to stock but just a little bit nicer (i.e. no license plate mold). Any suggestions as to a good lookin front bumper? Also... is there a bumper that can fit front lips that are made for OEM bumbers?
  17. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Hello I have a 2004ex. A whyll back i bought some dezod front pads.I was going to use them on the circuit but i ran in some problem getting them in the caliper! 1.width of the dezod pads is 1mm larger, i would have to file them off. 2.Pad surface is almost 1cm smaller than my stock pads...
  18. General Talk
    Hey guys I am dropped on megan coilovers with no finger gaps in the front, and 1 finger gap in the rear set pretty stiff... i also have 215/45/17 tires. I've been dropped on these megans for almost a year and I've been pretty satisfied with them. For some reason though, everytime i take a really...
  19. Suspension
    So will it. I know the rsx will fit but i'm wondering about the ep3. i'm running ep3 AC lines on my swap and need a bar that will clear them.
1-19 of 95 Results