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  1. West
    so i just picked up a cb radio.. but i i dont know any one else that has one. i am going to fiberglass a custom mount in my glove box because i have that dd nav. i looked into it and you no longer need a lisence for one.. i will install them for free in to your guys/gals cars.. just so i have...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    saw this over on clubcivic and i thought i should share it with you guys. all u got to do it print up the coupons and you get a free meal lol. heres the link
  3. General Talk
    PM me you VIN's, got a month unlimited. PM only, idiots. Mods, if you see someone post a VIN in the thread, delete the post please, thanks.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Just found this and will try it later today; just thought I'd share. Combat Arms - free to play PC First person shooter game The trailer showed some awesome graphics
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Ok guys..So taylor has been wanting my 04 taillights..I at first told him $50 but they are chipped..So what do you guy think? he is coming to pick them up. Should I just give them to him????? DRIVER SIDE PASS SIDE
  6. Photography and Photoshop
    Anyone know where i can get a half handy photoshop kinda program for free? Wouldnt be using it enough to buy it like, juz somthing that'l let me mess around with pics like making sig's and stuff like that.. wont be doin anything mind boggling!!
  7. General Talk
    my mom is thinking of picking up an 05 civic to drive for a bit until my sister can drive than she'll let her use the car. sooooooooo ive convinced her that if she does im getting her black seats (she wants rsx leathers swapped asap) her tail lights and a few misc things. do the 01-02 tails...
  8. West
    everything is free + shipping. locals + pickups get dibs. please read description carefully for info. pictures will be added, eventually... AVAILABLE 1. oem rsx rear camber kit 2. oem 4-lug spare wheel w/ tire 3. oem 01-03 2dr civic tail lights - tiny chip, but easy fix 4. oem manual shifter...
  9. Electrical
    I picked these up from a buddy of mine today.. jus waitin for him to clear out the driver side headlamp so i can get these babies in by the weekend:dance005:
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    anybody know if its gona be free?? ive heard people talking about it but idk if its true or not
  11. Members Rides
    This is for those who arent subscirbed to civicforums. This is my 05 mag. metallic ex. I know the wing is whack, its comin off soon. So, outside of takin it off, feel free to leave input haha. o p.s., i took these on my campus. had it washed but the birds decided to screw my little shoot...
  12. Mid Atlantic
    Looking to practice my photography a bit more with other people's cars, and meet new people as well. Catch is you have to come pick me up and BS cars with me throughout the course of the shoot. You pick locations, or I can suggest a few. Located in Philadelphia ZIP 19116 PM me for more...
  13. Off Topic Lounge for all u subie lovers out there:domo:
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    So i was reading the school paper and they were talking about this new server: basically its a music server that *is still under construction and adding music* that is Ad based. Where they just do a bunch of ad's on the page, and you can only download 1 song at a...
1-15 of 21 Results