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  1. Electrical
    Do you guys recommend a certain brand for fog lights? All I have read were "eBay ones are good". To me that sounded a little to broad. I have searched and i found a few brands that stuck out. Let me know if you have had experience with these specific brand and give them a rating. I'm looking at...
  2. Dont know where to post?
    i have not really seen anywhere online that shows how to install oem foglights for my car? is it that hard to find? or just not many people are willing to do to there cars???
  3. Electrical & Lighting
    This is a DIY on how to install fog lights on an 04-05 Honda civic, I did this on a Coupe. REMEMBER TO DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL ON THE BATTERY!! Materials used. 10mm socket with torque wrench Drill and 2mm & 10mm bit Phillips Screwdriver Splicing tool Tumb tack Masking tape Sawtooth...
  4. Electrical
    Ok, so I want to get foglights (first "real" mod, after new head unit). I found these: -OR- Any thoughts? Also, if you follow the links you'll see that these are amazingly inexpensive, though they claim to be OEM. Comparing to the listed retail price, these are raising some red flags for...
  5. Electrical
    anyone have their foglights blink on and off with the keyless entry/alarm? why is that my turn signals are okay but my foglights keep going out?
  6. Electrical
    can you guys show me pics of your fogs? just wanna see how they look at night.:hsugh:
  7. Electrical & Lighting
    this diy should take 1-3 hours, depending on experience. difficulty level is 8 out of 10. OVERVIEW ebay sells a foglight kit for a fraction of what honda wants for theirs. the only problem is the harness that comes with the ebay kit will only fit certain models. for example, though the ad may...
  8. Electrical
    Has anybody here bought fog lights off ebay?
  9. Electrical
    does anyone have the DIY so i can run my oem fogs w/ the parking lights on only? i have a 04 coupe btw.
  10. Electrical
    I was wondering if procivic foglights were any better than ebay ones. Its hard to tell whether they are the same quality as ebay or not just by the pictures. I wanted to get my friend a pair, and since oem ones are a bit pricey, i thought these are a good alternative, as long as they are decent...
  11. Electrical
    ok so here is the deal im going to put in some city lights on my car in the high beam spot.04/05 em2 well i want to if i can get it the way i want it to work. the thing is i know some basics but know a whole lot. if someone can write up on what i do that whould be super great! this is how my...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    BUT THEY SENT ME 01-02 accord sedan foglights......funny thing is...the em2s only cost 46 shipped or something...the accord ones are 43.99 +28 basically i gained 20 dollars if i can sell these for 20 bucks.. what i bought...
  13. Electrical
    I want to buy foglights on ebay can anyone reccomend me a trustworhy seller. thx :grin:
1-13 of 13 Results