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  1. Electrical
    Do you guys recommend a certain brand for fog lights? All I have read were "eBay ones are good". To me that sounded a little to broad. I have searched and i found a few brands that stuck out. Let me know if you have had experience with these specific brand and give them a rating. I'm looking at...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    I don't have my car anymore so need to get rid of some stuff laying around.. certi-fit front bumper no paint no primer just bare plastic $30obo: AEM short ram painted red (did it to match my car, wish I didn't) $80obo: this is what it looked like before the paint OEM shocks and springs...
  3. Electrical & Lighting
    Well... I bought ebay fogs a couple months ago, and I guess rocks > cheap glass. So I decided to use Polycarbonate plastic to remake the lenses. I also decided to tint mine as well. First you need Tint spray, a high heat clear coat, and lexan x10 polycarbonate plastic. The plastic is available...
  4. Electrical
    so i finally hooked up my foglights but they don't turn on =[ the switch, however, is receiving power though.
  5. Electrical
    i've read several diy's on how to install foglights but the more i read..the more i get confused. i need to find out where these two connectors go.
  6. Electrical
    hey is it true that the 04/05 fog light switch's button is always lit even when the car is off? would that drain the battery? no?
  7. Electrical
    so my friend installed fogs on his civic. he tapped into his headlight to get power for the fogs but he keeps blowing the in-line fuse for the fogs. im assuming the fogs are drawing too much current and he should just find a new power source. hes put a higher tolerant fuse (20A) in but it blows...
1-7 of 7 Results