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  1. Electrical
    Do you guys recommend a certain brand for fog lights? All I have read were "eBay ones are good". To me that sounded a little to broad. I have searched and i found a few brands that stuck out. Let me know if you have had experience with these specific brand and give them a rating. I'm looking at...
  2. Members Rides
    Took the headlights out, went out and bought the 3M headlight restoration kit, which by the way works awesome... This was the outcome... Also painted the grill black while I was at it :P Ill have more pics of it back together once the grill dries more.
  3. Electrical
    for the oem fog light installation i was wondering about the fenders. in my 01 em2 the fenders have this im guessing metal lip.. and i was wondering if that would be any trouble when removing the bumber since the lip is partially on the bumper. any one know anything about this?
  4. General Talk
    My driver side fog light fills with water everytime i wash my car or it rains. I've looked online but i cant find anything on the problem. When i was installing them, my moms boyfriend did pick one up to look at it and he dropped it onto our brick driveway, maybe that had something to do with...
  5. General Talk
    Apparently I thought it was going to be easier than this lol. but i believe i need assistance. Did anyone else have trouble with their fog light install that was good with wires?:dunno:
  6. Electrical
    Okay, so about a few weeks I was driving at night. Headlights were on. Fog lights were on. I came to a red light and saw the reflection of my fog lights on the bumper of the car in front of me. I thought it was cool so for some stupid reason I pressed the fog light switch to turn them off, and...
  7. General Talk
    I've looked everywhere for them. i've looked at DIY's for tinting yellow but i dont know if that would last to long or how good it would look. anyone know where i can buy yellow lenses?
  8. General Talk
    How are the EBAY fog light kits for 01 Civic coupe, any good? Do the harnesses and switches work and fit and everything? I heard some are mostly made for 01-03 style is that true? Let me hear from you gys who own them, i'm, not looking to buy something that doesn't work...
  9. Electrical
    Since I usually drive with my headlights and fogs on at the same time, could I splice the headlight wire (the wire connecting into the HID ballast) and link it up with the fogs? I got the fogs at Has anyone done that yet?
  10. Members Rides
    Installed my ebay fogs today! Took some pics along the way... wired them into the parking lights with my blue jdm tape :rofl::rofl:....... Some goop to seal the edges... tadaaaaa..... Just thought i'd share, did a photoshoot too, i'll put those pics up in a bit. :tup:
  11. Electrical
    I bought the oem fog light kit for my car, 02 civic ex sedan, and the button for the fog lights is to big for the hole next to the cig lighter? any suggestions or help to make it fit??
  12. Electrical
    Ok ok i got my fogs in all grounded n wired up. Now a wire to them goes into the cabin and currently ends near the 12v socket. The other wire taps into the 4 gauge wire that comes off my battery and is on a circuit breaker. Cliffs: I have two wires: one power, and one to fogs I want to...
  13. General Talk
    I'm think about purchasing a pair of oem fog lights for my baby...I first wanted the yellow ones, but now I think I might want the clear. What do you guys think would look better? Does one "out shine" the other in brightness?:dunno:
  14. Photography and Photoshop
    getting fogs this afternoon, unsure on the colour though. wondering if someone can do a clear and yellow fogs on my whip. if it doens't take too long, i'd like to see the smoked ones also.
  15. Members Rides
    oK GOT THE GOODZ ON TODAY. 10K HIDS WITH SLIM BALaSTS INSTALLED on my halo angel eyed blacked out healdights. Also installed a Genuine Civic 01-03 edm rear fog with a 07-08 honda fit combo switch. Had help from James "mahalo bradah"... REAR fog is bright as hell like the hids and i love it...
  16. Electrical
    i just got my new fog lights..but dont know whats goes where..need help with 2 plugs..
  17. Canada
    I was out doing some running around today and when returning to my wife's car (2002 DX-G), I noticed the fog light lens is cracked throughout. No other damages to the car, so it wasn't damaged in the parking lot. So, when I got home, I asked the wife if she noticed the crack before and she said...
  18. General Talk
    is there an easier way to change the light bulb for the 05 fog lights or do i have to take the whole bumper off to do it??
  19. Electrical
    So I decided that I would put my fogs and BOH in today since it was such a nice day, but I had a problem getting the housings of the fog lights to fit. Anyone ever have this problem? if so how did you fix it? On the bright side though I did get my BOH in with some new 10K Hid's from...
1-19 of 58 Results