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  1. Introduce Yourself
    So, this is my very first post... Nice. The primary issue that I have going on with the Classic,(yes, that is what I named my 2001 Civic EX coupe) is my dying clutch. If possible, I would like to know the benefits of a lightweight flywheel, and a good-for-the-price clutch. I'm not a Honda...
  2. Basic Performance
    i hope im posting in the right area. figure a flywheel is a bolt on so here goes... was cleaning out the garage last week and i found a fidanza flywheel from my old 93si. that i never got to using and totally forgot about even having. did lil research and figured on the fidanza website that...
  3. Basic Performance
    hey i search and havent found any answers.. does anyone know what are the pros and cons of lighter flywheels?? is it a good mod to do?? does it shorten the life of your motor?? also whats the lightest you can go on our cars??
  4. General Talk
    just thought i would check before i bought. dose any one no what a good clutch and flywheel combo would be for are cars? im lookin for somthing not to crazy just like a street strip clutch just a little above stock since i have to replace my throw out bearing.
  5. Mechanical Problems
    Has anyone else have this happen to them before, and what do you think could of caused this and its still the factory flywheel.This sh!t is lame the stupidist sh!t has always happens to this car,i had less problems with my eclipse
  6. General Talk
    Got my 7 lb. fidenza flywheel ane excedy clutch in finally. My friend and I started last night at 1 in the morning, got tired by 7, crashed out and had it done after a break for a few hours of sleep. It was my first time doing anything that major and it turned out good. Turns out you have to...
1-6 of 7 Results