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  1. Electrical
    Hello friends, So I got some plug and play LED's for my 05 EX SE because I cant stand incandescent lighting. Anyways, I have noticed that they flicker while the car is running. In ACC they illuminate strong and solid. As soon as I crank up, they flicker. Battery tested fine two different times...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Weird thing happened yesterday while I was driving. My CEL was flicking like krazy. It's really faint,like not bright at all but flickers like mad. Only when I'm cruising or idling, when I'm giving gas its either gone or a really faint flicker. I have a scanner plugged in while this is...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    I saw this post about the SRS light: I just wanted to check with someone here since my problem involves the ABS light too. Driving home, both lights came on for a few seconds, then shut off. It was accompanied by a jump of the needles...
1-3 of 3 Results