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  1. General Talk
    My girlfriend might be getting a Fit. and im thinking of trading the rims while shes not around, I would assume they would fit, since its a 4 lug honda rim, But would they look good, any opinions?
  2. Suspension
    I want a B pillar bar for my ES1 but i can't find any. My friend said that I should be able to buy a RSK B pillar bar and I should be good. Is this true??
  3. Members Rides
    does anyone know if the centre console with an armrest, will fit into a dx model?
  4. Suspension
    So will it. I know the rsx will fit but i'm wondering about the ep3. i'm running ep3 AC lines on my swap and need a bar that will clear them.
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Just wondering if regular Civic 14" rims will fit. Are the brakes the same or does the Si have bigger brakes? I'm talking the 02-03 4 lug version.
  6. Basic Performance
    Looking into getting a megan racing drift spec exhaust, sounds nice and is good for my budget, but their website says 01-04 civic only and a few vendor websites say 01-05 ex: probably a dumb question but i dont see...
  7. Electrical
    I need to know if my tyc headlight "plastic" piece will fit my oem headlight. Some how the plastic outer piece got some of that black gooy shyt on the headlight, and now I cannot remove. I tried goo gone and no luck. Unless you guys have a suggestion to clear that out.
  8. Mechanical Problems
    Well Ive heard the 04-05 trannys take a little more of a beaten. Im on day 4 of my turbo finally finished after 7 months of hell. And now im slipping into 3rd which is the biggest problem on these things i know its going anyday now so why not just do some wide open pulls , so manual swap is out...
  9. Suspension
    Well, I bought some Tokico Blues a couple months ago from one of Ravi's friends, and he told me all I had to do was drill out 2mm on the crash bolt to make them fit, since 01-02 are 14mm and 03-05 are 16mm in size. But, then I looked at the sticky in the suspension thread, and noticed 01-02...
  10. Electrical
    I want some new speakers in my doors! Any recommandations? I want something that fits without modification! Doesnt have to be state of the art speakers, just something that plays better than stock ;)
  11. Electrical
    So I decided that I would put my fogs and BOH in today since it was such a nice day, but I had a problem getting the housings of the fog lights to fit. Anyone ever have this problem? if so how did you fix it? On the bright side though I did get my BOH in with some new 10K Hid's from...
  12. General Talk
    if so, will my exhaust be affected at all?
  13. Suspension
    Like the title says...I was wondering if there is some way to fit? I for some reason have the worst luck of getting the wrong products shipped to me, I just got some tokico blues and they are for 01-02. I know that the 01-02 is a 14mm crash bolt and the 03-05 is a 16mm crash but I was...
  14. Suspension
    So i was driving my car today and my car made a really loud clicking noise when i kept driving. So i think its the springs. I found an ad on craigslist and the coilovers are 100. I have a dx and i think hes selling ex skunk2 coilovers. i looked at my car and right now its almost all the way near...
  15. Basic Performance
    I found this. Will it work?
  16. General Talk
    hey everyone i have a 2005 honda civic ex with a greddy ev2 exhaust will this lip fit with my exhaust?
  17. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    i have 15inch steels, will 14 inch rims fit on there? pro's con's of going smaller than stock?
  18. Electrical
    I got a 02 civic si-g(ex)(Si) Im looking to upgrade my front speakers but also want to upgrade tweeters, and you know how there are tweeters in corner i wonder if you guys know any aftermarket ones that will fit in OEM housing. or exact size of them cant find in my book. thanks guys.
  19. Mechanical Problems
    I have a set of Ford Focus steelies, and tires. I am pulling the tires off and will be selling. But I was wondering if the hub part is right size, if the bolt spacing is correct? And AutoCrossing with steelies would be dangerous?
1-19 of 53 Results