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  1. General Talk
    I got into a fender bender this morning on my way to work with a 2009 Camry SE. I called Progressive Insurance to set up a claim, they said I can either go through one of their networked body shops or go through one of my choice, going though their networked shops they be in charge and car...
  2. General Talk
    so i'm getting more and more annoyed with the large exhaust system i have on my car. I commute to richmond quite a bit and the hour drive drives me crazy because I can't hear myself think. How much would it cost to completely replace the exhaust system to factory specs? Also where is the best...
  3. General Talk
    Hey guys just wondering who knows where the best place is to buy Honda genuine lip kits (front, sides, rear) for 01-02 civics. H and A accessories had a good selection but the page will not load. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Members Rides
    Hey guys, my name is Brad and I have a 2001 Civic EX. I've been on the site for awhile but finally decided to register. The car is pretty much stock engine wise, but it has an HPS intake, Tokico struts w/ Tenzo R springs, Megan Racing rear strut bar, Megan Racing lower tie bar, Motegi FF7 wheels...
  5. Photography and Photoshop
    hey guys. im still learning the photoshop ropes but i enjoy making sigs for people. if you need one, link or PM me some pics and ill see what i can come up with. here is some of my stuff:
  6. Videos & Other Media
    Boost_Junkie sent me this of Whipfactory (Local IL tuning place)
1-6 of 7 Results