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  1. Basic Performance
    So I wanna order a muffler, but its just the end, no bolts or anything. I dont have the tools to weld it myself so Id have to take it elsewhere. Now my friend is in extreme disagreement with that decision because hes had weld break on him and unlucky stuff like that. Opinions?
  2. Videos & Other Media
    just thought id share this, i thought it was pretty funny with her reaction at the end lol.
  3. Suspension
    Looking for a front upper strut bar, found this: Doesn't say it comes with anything else, i'm sure it comes with the plates and such. Have an 01 LX, 4dr. Is this what i should be getting? People have been saying DC is the one that clears the clutch...
  4. Suspension
    Ok so i've been reading around and i've narrowed my choices down to 3 different coilover setups: 1. Progress Coilover Spring rates:350f/650r 2. KW V1 Coilover Spring rates:340f/515r 3. GC/Koni Yellows custom revalved for 350f/525r spring rates It is mainly for a daily drive but i do want to try...
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    One of the best parts of the car to make sure you stay on the road! Scale 1-10 1 worse 10 best Format Brand: Size: Grip Dry: Grip Wet: Grip Snow: Niose: Buy Agian: Lasted: Comments: Brand: Falken ZIEX 512 Size: 215/40/17 Grip Dry: 10 Grip Wet: 9 Grip Snow: 7 Niose: Fairly Quite Buy...
  6. Electrical
    Ok I just recently bought a 6k system and all I can say is im not impressed. I'll be sending them back to get a exchange after only having them in one day. I notice as soon as I got them in that I couldnt see the road for nothing and they looked like halogens. The company seems to think that...
1-7 of 7 Results