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  1. Basic Performance
    I've been searching around for a while now and i've come to realize that most of the links are dead now :wtc: What websites do you guys use nowadays to get parts for our cars? I'm trying to stay away from going with a giant fart can, and my budget is roughly 350. Any suggestions? I have an...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    I was hearing a very annoying rattling sound that made the car sound like a clunker... I went on with it until I could take it no longer. For those of you who are hearing a rattling noise, jack it up and check out the heat shields around the exhaust system. I had one above the catalytic...
  3. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I've been looking around to see if I can get a Yonaka Catback for my EM2, but they don't make it to fit my 02 civic. I am wondering if a EM1 catback would fit on an EM2? They make plenty of exhausts for a lot of different cars, but not the 7th gen civic which pisses me off lol. I...
  4. General Talk
    Just wondering what your opinions are on best sounding exhaust for our cars, with a STOCK engine, n/a and all that good stuff. i'm still in school so i'm not willing to do an engine swap for another year or two because of financial priorities. I just want to sound nice for a little bit. I've...
  5. General Talk
    Hey guys, I've decided that I'm going to get a cat delete exhaust system, but obviously there is still the O2 sensor there to worry about. I found a 'mini-cat' that you can buy that mimics the function of the factory cat, but is just a small thread-on honeycomb filter that threads onto the...
  6. General Talk
    if anyone has heard either of these two exhausts please help me out with letting me know what you think of them. I am looking for a stainless catback and im not quite sure how the DC sports catback sounds, but i have heard the Evo2 sounds good and has a deep tone to it. If anyone has any...
  7. General Talk
    I want to buy a greddy evo 2 exhaust system for my 03 civic ex. new to the site & car tuning so dont know which car sites are reliable. So far i checked out kidimports & racing works. Has anybody dealt with either company before? You guys know of another place where i can get them cheaper?
  8. Introduce Yourself
    2003 Civic Ex automatic. Cant believe there is a site for 7th gen honda owners. New to the honda tuning game, i need some advice for what kind exhaust system i should get for my car. My only requirement is that it sounds smooth & strong. Not A**hole loud. Can you guys give some suggestions?
  9. General Talk
    Does anybody know a good exhaust to get for a em2 with A D17A2? Also something relatively low in price too that would be great. I'm looking for something that isn't obnoxiously loud, something with a nice deep tone like the GReddy EVO2... thanks
  10. Basic Performance
    This has probably been asked some where down the line, but i cant figure out what to type in to get the right results, heres the situation, i have an lx, i have an ex exhaust system, if i buy an ex header, will it bolt up to the head? Or are the bolt paterns different, i know i wont gain much...
  11. Basic Performance
    i am welling to spend 500 bucks on an exhaust for my 03 civic i am looking for something that sounds deep clean i dont like loud i just want something that sounds nice any ideas?
  12. General Talk
    I have a muffler on my 03 civic and was wondering how i can take that farting noise out because it gets old i took out my resenator because the guy at the muffler shop told me it would be deeper that shit sounds like fart can
  13. Members Rides
    I just bought a brand new RS*R ExMag exhaust full stainless for $350 shipped, goes for $600 reg., that's a freakin steal! My favorite exhaust of all time for this car and exhaust laws in MA are strick so it's kinda sleeper? I'll have pics up once it comes in and I get it on.
  14. Basic Performance
    So for all those of you out there with catback exhaust or axel many miles have you logged on them? The reason I feel compelled to make this thread is because my exhaust has literally rusted through. Which exhaust you ask? One of the priciest....RSR Exmag. I have had it on for...
  15. Members Rides
    So I got a new exhaust tip last week. It wouldn't fit on properly, because the tip touched the top of rear bumper. Had to get a new pipe put on, one that goes lower. Yeah I know the car is dirty. Anyways, hope you guys like it.
  16. Mechanical Problems
    Ok, I have a rattle from my exhaust at idle when the car is at operating temp, the oem cat back pipe will shake,when I turn the steering wheel or increase the rpm the ratlle will stop for a second. I inspected all the hangers and the welds are in tact, I also inspected my motor mounts but no...
  17. Basic Performance
    Well, I've decided to change my mind about getting my exhaust header chromed. Mostly because of monetary issues. How do I polish the header? Like at home with my drill. Is there a drill bit that's like a wire brush that would work from the hardware store?
  18. Basic Performance
    Well, like the title says I ended up breaking the tip on my exhaust. I was backing up, didn't notice I was too close to the sidewalk until my exhaust tip hit. I left it on and figured i would try and do something on my way home; but it ended up falling off while i was driving. So then a car runs...
  19. Basic Performance
    finally got my exhaust in and installed, i love the sound of it! too bad video doesnt do justice of how deep it actually is Megan Drift Spec
1-19 of 117 Results