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  1. Dont know where to post?
    First post here - hoping someone can point me in the right direction... I have a 2003 Civic Si. Left (driver's) side exterior mirror glass is loose and wobbly at highway speeds. Shop said they would need to replace the entire mirror mirror housing. Problem is, they can't get the part from the...
  2. Dont know where to post?
    Hi all I have just bought a Honda Civic EP4 1.7 CTDI and I don't know much about modding the car. But I want to put coil overs on it. I found someone that has a set for sale that was in a Honda Civic Type R EP3. I was wondering if I buy it would it fit my car or would I need to get a special...
  3. Dont know where to post?
    Hey guys, Glad to be here. How do you check the coolant level of a 2004 EP3? I tried to look for the Min-Max indicators, but it seems to be deep way down below and I can't see it. If you know how to look for this please let me know. Pictures/videos are appreciated as well. Thanks much...
  4. Dont know where to post?
    This is my first thread or whatever its called, yes im a girl but i really want my car to have an appealing look and its really hard when you have a car that barely has another car to get parts from. So i have a 2003 honda civic hatchback (eu3) well here in australia its a vi, basically its a 5...
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Where can you even find EP3 rear disc brakes at that include everything you need to swap out the drums on an Em2 for the EP3 ones? I doubt there are many junkyards in general that just have EP3's laying around to get parts from :dunno:
  6. General Talk
    My back is getting killed on my em2 seats. Daily driver and end up spending alot of time driving. Considering getting a set of front seats, either ep3 or rsx. Which one is better, considering price range in mind. I was looking at ep3 earlier and saw some reviews, where people mentioned that...
  7. Suspension
    do the EP3 R type suspension struts, dampers, springs fit the em2????? or do i need to modify this as ive been told by a few people that it is and isn't possible?????
  8. General Talk
    Ok im sick of my seats, they juz look plain ugly.. Im after tracking down a pair of late model EP3 seats (black sides with red centre) for €350.. sounds good but im also broke :wtc: im wondering if i bought some red and black suede (maybe alacantara) would it be easy enough to recover what iv...
  9. Suspension
    So will it. I know the rsx will fit but i'm wondering about the ep3. i'm running ep3 AC lines on my swap and need a bar that will clear them.
  10. Swap and Forced Induction
    I've been trying to find RSX subframes for a few weeks now and I'm coming up empty handed or WAY over priced. Does anyone know if the EP3 subframe will do the same thing? I'm pretty sure they are the exact same, but not 100% and would like to find out before I spend the money on it to find out...
  11. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Just wondering if regular Civic 14" rims will fit. Are the brakes the same or does the Si have bigger brakes? I'm talking the 02-03 4 lug version.
  12. Detailing
    so my interior is long over due for some serious detailing. i have just ignored it over the winter but now since its starting to get nice out i want to clean the hell out of it. my question what do you guys do to clean your ep3 seats? i know normal upholstery(sp?) cleaners arnt going to work...
  13. Videos & Other Media
    took this from ephatch, figured you guys would like it....ep3 is making 529 whp and 387wtq
  14. General Talk
    idk if hes willing to ship but lowball and its worth a try, cant hurt to ask thats how I got mine!
  15. Members Rides
    Finally got together with a friend who drives an 04 EP3 to take wash the cars and take some pics around town. UPDATED with a lot more pics. Took some down and replaced with ones I thought were better. Enjoy! These are my favorites out of all of them. Oh...
  16. Suspension Anjoy!
  17. General Talk
    do the ctr ep3 04 shocks springs fit into an em2? at#s there is a set of tein kit with edfc for sale near by 400pounds
1-17 of 53 Results