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  1. General Talk
    So I'm trying to decide whether I should go with red or black "H" emblems to replace the regular ones on my silver 2004 civic coupe. what colour do you guys think goes better with silver? Red or Black? Black -...
  2. Off-Topic
    wassup i have a 04 civic coupe does anyone know what car i need to get the front and back red honda emblem from? because our honda emblem is perty big in the front.
  3. General Talk
    hey guys I tried to search but came up with nothing that i was looking for. my question is: is the front emblem held on with glue or is there something else that holds it in. Cuz i got it off...but it seem like something is not there that is supposed to be. So i just want to be sure i did not...
  4. General Talk
    where can i buy a decal or something to replace my honda emblem on my steering to a red honda emblem?
  5. General Talk
    ok ive searched for 2 hours here and honda tech and i cant find shiiiiiiiit i have an 02 civic, dimensions for my trunk emblem are 2.5x3in, grill is 3.5x3in give or take a few cm. what emblems fit on the trunk and grill? what modifications are needed to install on trunk and grill? where...
  6. General Talk
    i got a rsx type s steering wheel and im wondering where i can get a H logo for it? the one on my ES is to big... any ideas?
  7. General Talk
    hey guys, i have a 2005 honda civic 2 dr, where can i find red emblems for the front grill and back, thanks
  8. General Talk
    ive seen some em2's out there with the emblem "EM2" on the bottom right, does anyone know where i can get it ?
  9. Members Rides
    Hey guys can u plz tell me if there are any red H emblems that fit 04 civic em2 ..or any alternatives...Where can i find em.
  10. Members Rides
    I got a question for some of you. I saw some people interior pics with a red H on the steering wheel. My question its how do i remove the current one and put the new one in....flat head screwdriver? do i have to heat it or something? how do i paste the new one 3m? Thanks.
1-10 of 10 Results