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  1. My 2005 Honda Civic Coupe

    "I close my eyes to SEE" o_O
  2. Electrical
    Got this used em2 that was manual swapped. Apart from the check engine, abs, and maint required light being on solid, I'm trying to wire my reverse lights to work now. There's a thread here that has instructions but i think my harness is a different one. I don't have a solid yellow instead I...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hi Honda brethren. I've got an 04 Civic VP Coupe 5-Speed. I did my first mod this week and got a 2.5" cat-back. More to come.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Aye guys, lookin forward to working on my car with you all. Hoping to make the dude run like new (or close to new).
  5. Dont know where to post?
    i own a 02 ex and i am looking to start doing things to it, the first thing i would like to do is buy coilovers. i live in louisiana and our roads are built on top of wetlands, so our roads are not very good. im looking for good coilovers around $400-800 can anyone help me?:sadwavey:
  6. Introduce Yourself
    hey yall. im new to the forums. hope yall can provide assistance. right now im looking into getting a steering wheel from the 06 civic just the basic with only cruise control. i want to go from the crappy worn down 03 wheel to the nice looking 06. has anyone done this? what do yall think i...
  7. Member Builds
    [Original Post: 10/09/15] Will's Turbo EM2 Build INTRODUCTION Hey 7thgen :wave: my name is Will and I joined this forum a couple of years ago. This bone stock beauty is my project while I am in school, so it's a slow one. I have been through everything and back with this car, but I have always...
  8. Dont know where to post?
    Hello 7th gen people! I was just wondering if someone could help me diagnose a problem I've been having in the California summer heat.. When I drive my car for a short while and my transmissions temperature warms up it starts to make a ticking noise when coming to a stop (possibly when its...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I've been following a few how to's and DIY's on this site for some time now but never took the interest in asking any questions as I always found what I was looking for. That is not the case this time. I recently started experiencing what I think is torque steering, In particular after...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    The passenger window on my 2002 SI (EX in US) will go down but not up. The window has never had an issue in the 3 years I've owned it until now. I've tried making the window go up using both the driver side and passenger side switches... no luck. I'm no guru of electrical, but I attempted some...
  11. Mechanical Problems
    Alright, so my 2002 SI (EX in US) has fried 2 ECUs this past Summer. The strange thing is no fuses were ever fried, only the ECU both times. This problem started happening after I changed my alternator and took out my A/C compressor (and did not put the compressor back in). When reinstalling the...
  12. Introduce Yourself
    INTRODUCTION: My name is Will and I joined the forum a few months back but never ending up getting around to posting about my vehicle. Well, it's a 2002 SI (Ex in the US). Its a 5-speed Veloz edition with satin silver paint. I am the second owner of the car and have owned it now for three and a...
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Here is my daily driver/project car. it's a 2002 civic coupe lx This was the day I got it almost a year ago. My plans: BC racing coil overs powder coat my rims maybe an 05 front end full leather seats when I'm done school a k24 swap
  14. Mechanical Problems
    Hey I was hoping someone might know why my car started overheatin . I had just used it about 3 hours ago it was good but right now I went to the gas station and on my way I had turn off the car because it was overheating. My coolant seems empty but can't really tell its too dark ima check that...
  15. Members Rides
    I just happened to catch my car at this point lol
  16. Introduce Yourself
    hey everyone Im Danny from the states and i recently got an Em2 im trying to build it up but i don't really know much , my budget is limited since im only 17. But here she is now, this was today (: <3
  17. Basic Performance
    I've been searching around for a while now and i've come to realize that most of the links are dead now :wtc: What websites do you guys use nowadays to get parts for our cars? I'm trying to stay away from going with a giant fart can, and my budget is roughly 350. Any suggestions? I have an...
  18. Members Rides
    I'm wanting to keep the speedo on point as possible and also a good lasting meaty tire which is why I'm choosing a 205/50. Now with lowering, how low am I safe too go so I don't rub but also get rid of some wheel gap? Rolling fenders or running weird camber is out of the question. Thanks!
1-18 of 255 Results