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  1. General Talk
    I have have recently started doing some mods On my 02 civic coupe. I put some em2 Leather seats in the back And dc5 leather seats in the front. I’m looking to swap the steering wheel out and I’d like to put an s2k steering wheel but I was wondering if anyone could give me some more details on...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    HI everyone my name is Anthony and I Own a 2001 civic em2. I bought the car from my brother. And he kept it in great conditions. But did not do anything to it. Now I have it and I have a vision for it. I would like to share the process of the birth of my em2. Also I hope I can connect with...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    What's up guys? New to the site but I've been creeping a lot on some threads reading and finally thought that I should make myself an account. I've had my civic for almost 4 years. It was initially just a temp car, as I had my mind set on getting an Integra but I decided to keep her and work on...
  4. Suspension
    Hey everyone. Couple of my buddies have kinda given me some advice already but I want to ask the Honda world for some help. I'm looking to lowering my car but I do NOT want to go extreme. I live in Florida where it rains a lot and floods some times. I do not want to be super low and all that...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Hey people, recently bought myself an EM2 and it's safe to say im loving every minute of it. Been searching for parts for a few weeks now and have imported the body work mods, its a nightmare over here for lips etc. She came with oem 15s, then threw on my old rotas, but here is how she sits now.
1-5 of 5 Results