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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. I'm new here but I've been a member of other honda forums. Magnesium EM2 2004 EX M/T is my ride since March 09. My mods: * Rota Circuit 8 in bronze color * Eibach Pro-kit * shocker sticker on the rear bumper * K&N drop-in filter. see you on the streets!
  2. West
    Very good turnout at Eibach this year! Unfortunately, I left early because it was getting way too hot outside. Anyway, here are some crappy pics I took during the meet. Enjoy...
  3. West
    Anyone wanna come with? It's on a Sunday! I'm rollin out possibly Saturday night after work, crashin at my cousins place which is about 30-40 mins away, if people want I'm sure my cousin can accommodate us. Eibach is in Corona, CA (socal) Attendees: 02em2 PandaEM2 Spoon ES2 (K24)Edgar...
  4. Suspension
    i want to drop my car on eibach sportlines with tokico blue shocks and i want to know how the ride quality is, if anyone is currently running this setup, i also want to know if id run in to any problems such a scraping on a 1.5" drop? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  5. West see you guys there......nuff said.
  6. Videos & Other Media
    Hey my freind showed me this because my car is in it Im between 2:10 and 2:28 behind the WRX LMAO :dance:
  7. West
    Yup, it's time for an Eibach Meet. And this is for everybody! Honda, VW, Subaru, Mitsu, etc etc. Date: Sunday January 25th Where: Eibach Springs Factory!! 264 Mariah Circle Corona,CA 92879 Time: 12-4pm
  8. South
    Anyone in Oklahoma. They are Sportlines, new sellin for $215. Drop is 1.5! 1/21/09 is the last day, hurry yup!
  9. Suspension
    I was doing some research about putting lowering springs on the car. Eibach's site claims 1.4 inches front and rear, is that about right? Here is the other question, do I have to purchase an alignment kit with these springs, or just take it to the shop and have them do it. I just have steelies...
  10. Suspension
    What's up all!? I wanna throw the Prokit in, I only need an inch drop, but I am debating between Ground Control coilovers, or the Prokit. Is anyone currently using the prokit on their EM1 or ES? If so, a pic or two would be appreciated, just want to make sure that they don't create the "civic...
  11. Suspension
    Since they are a progressive springs i was wondering how they are installed? is the tighter wound coil placed on the bottom (the bottom spring perch) or the top (by the top hat)? and is it the same for the front and the rear springs?
  12. Suspension
    Hello everyone! theres a local guy selling used tein basics coilovers fronts and new eibach prostreet coilovers for the rears. I know that the spring rates are different on them but he's selling them for 300$! I just wanted to make sure... is this a steal? how will it ride? Thanks everyone!
  13. Suspension
    I did a search on this and didn't find any threads or posts. Is anyone currently running or has previously run the Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers?! For the 2001 & 2002 Civics, the Eibach website has it as Kit#: 4051.711 Given the Eibach reputation, I would assume that these Coilovers are of...
  14. West
    Anyone going? :shady: Should be going. Driving down there with a friend(not bringing my car though, too lazy to raise it up to drive out there/just don't want to). Would be cool to meet some of yall. Also, anyone from San Diego? After Eibach, heading to SD for week n half to stay with...
  15. Suspension
    hi does anybody have some eibach prokit springs installed??looking for some pictures how is the ride???
  16. Members Rides
    i just put my springs on my car last sunday and they make like a pop noise it sounds like the springs everytime i turn the wheel or when i go over a bump i can hear them is that normal, do i have to just break them in someone let me know?
  17. Events
    !!!!!!! which im missing...but i figured..ill post up this when the meets done ill link up the pics......blah..bummer. but uhh just come back like later tonight at 9 pacific time and there should be sex inside 800x600 boxes
  18. Suspension
    Hey guys, I need some advice between these two. Anybody who knows somebody or has used these two different brands??.
1-18 of 18 Results